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Interview with PANTANUM

by Hombre Rancio

Pantanum “volume one” A brasilian stoner doom band: old school, raw, passion…. Fantastic realise. It’s a pleasure talk with this guys.

pantanum 1Congratulations for your Work. Your work is receiving good reviews. Were you waiting for yourself that reception is good? 

Personally I didn’t expect anything. We just started to play together to have some fun, then some people heard our music at the place we rehearsal, then we played some shows and people liked it. These songs are like one year old, they were written amongst our jamming sessions and because like I’ve said, they were the first songs we wrote. We thought it would be a good idea to record them before writing any other new material.

Volume one: What we can find in this album?

Its a digital release for now, we don’t have enough money to a physical press yet, but the exposure and good reviews the album is getting is leading us to some recording companies. Let’s see what happens. For now its on bandcamp: http://pantanum.bandcamp.com

Witch are your musical influences?

I think you meant ‘which’ instead of ‘Witch’, but I could say that Witch is indeed an influence (sorry about this bad pun). Personally (I’m the guitarist) I’m influenced by everything that is well done and not commercial intentioned, my playlist is schizophrenic.To keep it short: for the band guitar sound I believe my influences are Jimi Hendrix (warm tone, crazy guitar noises, blues, lysergic improvisation) Electric Wizard for the guitar tone (distorted, muddy, evil) and Type O Negative for the atmospheric yet doom sound. Kadavar and its incessant riffage it’s also a name that comes to my mind when I’m composing.

pantanum 2

In your music, you mixed several Ideas. Tell me about this

We are mainly a jam band. There’s one song in our bandcamp from one of our rehearsals that translates this very nicely. Its called ‘O homem perdido no deserto’ (The man lost in a desert). I created two main riffs which I imagined what is like to be lost in a desert. Then I came up with this pictoric scene and said ‘Let’s imagine we are lost in a desert’ then played the riff and everyone got in the same mood and that’s it. Everyone has a personal image for what is like to be lost in the desert, we combine 3 different points of view and there it is, a lot of different ideas but in the same frequency.

How was the band formed?

We know each other for like 7 years, Francisco and Bruno (bass and drums) work together at a tattoo parlour and me and Francisco attended to the college together. We always jammed with non-electrical instruments at parties and each others place. After some bands that didn’t go anywhere I was kind of disappointed and giving up on music playing, and I believe the other guys too. So one day I was playing my guitar at home and thought ‘How come we never played together?’ then we played one day and it was very cool. Since then we have been rehearsing at least once a week for one year and half now.

My favourite song is Pedrada. What is your favourite song of your album?

Mine is Pantanum, because its a nonlinear song with many dynamics on it and a very doom feeling.

Your lyrics are very original, tell me about this

The lyrics were written by Francisco. It has a certain influence of Brazilian modernist poets like Augusto Angels that has a very dark aura. As our idea was always playing a sound aimed to doom metal, I had to keep the aesthetics of it. The lyrics are mostly about disappointments, death and suicide, not that we are negative people, Satanists or anything, but for the sake simply aesthetic same. We do not like to talk about politics, this has never been the focus of the band. Our intention has always been to play a sound that speaks for itself, in fact we do not intend to pass any message to people, we let the music do the work alone.  Most of our songs have emerged from improvised jams and lyrics was like this too. The lyrics are a complement of sound, what the music asks us to write.

pantanum 3

I believe that the success of this album is that it sounds cool to past but at the same time sound very cool. There are a great work of guitars

Thank you for the kind words. We have this big influence from the 70’s and back then guitars had a big role on songs, people didn’t have so much technology also, they had to work hard on strings to differ bands from each other and keeping it original. We are also only 3 guys (I recorded a second guitar in the album) so you got to fill the songs with some spice. The guitar work is the spice into the main meal.

How do you see the current scene of the stoner/doom?

There are lots of good bands nowdays, if you search enough there’s all kind of sounds from the sludgiest sludge to the seventies riffage and all them have at least one original particularity. Otherwise, a lot of bands sound the same because they all drank the same influences (Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Sleep) and didn’t add anything original to it. In my opinion its an error to stay focused on sounding like one thing that have already been done before.

Currently there are many very good Brazilian band. do you think that we are facing another boom of bands, how that lived the generation of sarcophagus in his day?

I was born in 1986 so I don’t know much about the music scene back then, but Brazil always had a nice rock and roll scene, the biggest problem stay the same: very expensive gear and no support from media and fans. For example, our town have 2 million inhabitants but there is like 3 places where metal bands can play. One of these places they only allow cover bands. So there it is, people still going to Metallica cover bands and don’t give a shit about original and local bands. On the other hand, there are doom and stoner fans from other states than ours (Paraná) and we are getting in touch because the bands share the same public .And we all know doom/stoner/sludge fans are very loyal and support the scene. Another problem is the gear price here. An Orange amplifier for example, it costs the same as a middle class car, cables, instruments, everything. The importation taxes are too high and that really make things much more difficult. You have to save for 5 months to buy a phaser pedal. Or maybe I’m poor also.

What future plans do you have?

One guy that owns a record company got in touch with us and he proposed a tour for us and some physical media too. The stoner/doom/sludge scene is bigger in other states. Let’s see if it works.

How can I buy your album?

You can buy at bandcamp (http://pantanum.bandcamp.com) the whole album, but you can download all the tracks individually for free. Of course is good to get money because we invested a lot on it, but the reason the band exists its to enjoy ourselves and have a good time. I buy things that worth my money, from people who deserve it. I’d rather give 10 bucks to any independant band than any big players.


Thanks for all guys. I recommended your work very much to all fans of great old school doom/stoner. Thanks for your amability, and congratulations once again for your  fantastic work. If you want to add something, forward.

Thank you for your interest in our band’s music and time for writing these questions. People like you make everything we’ve done worth it. Love is the law, love under will.

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