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Interview with POEM

by Vpower


The Band: Poem

Country: Greece



Greek act Poem has gone through some changes in the line-up but right now they are steady as a rock and they offer us a wonderful new album, «Skein Syndrome». I would define it as a travel to many worlds, they touch so many moods and styles. As they in the interview their music is an awesome and continuous jamming session. It’s great to have this chat with them.

pom logoHello guys! Poem was formed in 2006, you have gone through several line-up changes, how has that affected you sound or style?

Hello Metalbrothers! It has affected us in several ways, as each member has his own musical influences. Of course the band works as a team, so the creation process includes the musical backgrounds of every member.

We can talk now of a stable line-up?

Of course! The three of us have been working together since 2010 so someone might say that the lineup is stable for over half of the existence of the band. Our newest member is the guitarist, which joined Poem 2 years ago. We always consider ourselves 4 good friends, who share the same passion and that’s the way we work.

poem1In March 18th you will release your new album «Skein Syndrome». It’s everything but simple, how you would define it?

“Skein Syndrome” includes various sound experiences, actually every song has its own character, so the listener should be prepared for something like that. Somebody could say that this diversity is our identity.

You experiment with different sounds and rhythms, even jamming freely in some parts of the album. How do you get to put all the pieces together without going crazy?

We don’t just create music by jamming freely on some parts of the album…the whole album is composed through jamming freely! If someone has an idea, he brings it to the studio and we build on it. Of course the different musical backgrounds of every member is something we really enjoy, because we don’t know where the inspiration will take us. We‘re not going crazy, we just follow the flow!

How long have you been working in «Skein Syndrome»?

About 3 years. After Stavros (drums) and Stratos (bass) joined the band, we started creating the material for “Skein Syndrome”, together with our former guitarist George Anagnostou. Somewhere along the way, George Anagnostou had to leave the band for personal reasons, so in 2014 we started looking for a new guitarist and finally found Laurence. Although we had the material ready, we wanted to give it a better chance, so we decided to take more mature steps and make more professional decisions.

Is there a leader in the band or all members supply fresh ideas?

No, there’s no leader in the band. Everyone brings his own idea, we discuss it and we decide all together about the next step. Of course each one of us develops his personal characteristic element or his personal skills, so we are all useful to the band!

poem2In December 2008 you recorded your debut album «The Great Secret Show», which was greatly acclaimed and even considered for some media as one of the best 10 albums in Greek metal scene ever. This «Skein Syndrome» will be another earthquake? What differences are we going to find with this new album?

That’s our goal! We want every album we create to be another earthquake! For this to happen, we should strive to always develop as musicians. “Skein Syndrome”, has a different style, it’s based on different rhythm patterns. The result shows development and progress.

You have participated in a tribute to Pink Floyd, performing the songs «Brain Damage» and «Eclipse». We can say that Pink Floyd has been a great influence in your development as musicians?

Pink Floyd has changed the history of music on the planet. It would have been impossible not to be affected and inspired, since they’ve been a part of us from a very young age. Even now, after all these years, we discover new details, almost like listening to their songs for the first time.

What other musical influences you have?

We really enjoy bands like Opeth, Tool, Pain Of Salvation, Leprous, Mastodon, Machine Head, and many others…

The album will be released by ViciSolum Productions. How happy you feel with the guys?

We are very happy working with Thomas and the gang from ViciSolum! They have been very helpful and optimistic, but the most important this is that they believe in us! We are very lucky that our manager Lars proposed this cooperation!

Do you have any tour dates already scheduled? Anything in Spain?

We have already booked a European tour with Amorphis, Textures and Omnium Gatherum and we’ll visit many cities. Unfortunately, this time we won’t be coming to Spain, but we‘re sure we’ll visit you very soon!

Oh my God! Well… we have to be patient… How do you see the metal scene in Greece?

Greece actually has a plethora of great musicians and bands! During the last years, we’ve had the pleasure to share the stage and become friends with many of them! If you want to hear some great music, you could check out Need, Mother of Millions, Universe217, Tardive Dyskinesia, among others!

Yes Greece is on fire, I agree. And last, what are your plans for the future?

For starters, we want to have a blast touring from 4/3 to 17/4! When we return, we’ll continue playing as much as we can, sharing our music with the world!

Great, thanks for your attention and wish you a big success with «Skein Syndrome»!

Thank you so much! We‘re looking forward to playing in Spain very soon!

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