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Interview with REPUKED

by Vpower

The Band: Repuked

Country: Sweden

Answers: Rob the Slob (bass, vocals)




It´s been 7 long years since the latest full-length release of alcoholic Autopsy worshipping slackers REPUKED. REPUKED’s new material is still nasty and disgusting Death Metal, but with an extremely meatier sound and much heavier production compared to their earlier recordings. Also, don’t miss the awesome pics that acompany this chat because they are really worth to watch and thay talk much and good about the personality of the band.

Hello guys, it´s been 7 long years since the latest full-length release, Up from the Sewers, what has happened all these years?

Hey man! Rob the Slob here. Not much really. Just been chilling and hanging out, getting fat. Played some live shows while slowly writing music for this new album.
We also released a Split EP back in 2015 with Scotland´s finest band ever, Bonesaw. Those guys were the best, but they are sadly no longer with us. Last year at Scandinavian Death Fest, Calum, the Bonesaw drummer, came over to Stockholm and stayed at my flat during the festival. We also managed to go to the Repuked rehearsal space one night. We played and recorded some cover songs under the name “Pukesaw”, it´s up on bandcamp if anyone is interested to check it out.

Repuked was formed in 2007, what has been the evolution of the band during that time?

Looking back at when we started out in 2007 and comparing us to now. The biggest evolution is that our balls have become longer than our dicks. Apart from that, we might have gotten a tiny bit lazier.

Three tours throughout Europe and quite a lot of live gigs during these years has tight the bonds inside the band?

Yeah, this lineup we have now has been consistent for 9 years and counting. Repuked is like not only a band we have together, but it is our own private institution. A place where we can get together and hang out, drink a couple hundred beers while talking about when we should start writing music or rehearse together etc.

Dawn Of Reintoxication is your new album, due for release on 9. Oct. 2020 through Soulseller Records, how do you feel about it?

We´re happy with it, the musicianship feels tighter and the sound is heavier than our earlier stuff. The songs are quite varied. We are most happy with the choice of recording it in a profesional Studio and not by ourselves for the first time. Leave the sound recording stuff up to those who knows what they are doing.

You would say that Dawn Of Reintoxication is your best album?

The first demo is the best, it’s downhill from there. Dawn of Reintoxication, it´s ok-ish.

How long have you worked in the composition of DOR and how was the creative process?

We started writing songs back in 2014 I think. Our maingoal back then was to record a new álbum in 2015. But damn, we were lazy and a lot of material was scrapped and/or forgotten about between rehearsals. So in 2019 we set a deadline to complete all the songs and book a studio before the end of the year. That put some fire in our butts and worked out as a charm. Looking ahead we will probably work like that in the future as well.

Is there someone inside the band who takes more control of the composition tasks?

It´s a shared task. Max, Nicke and Richard writes all the music on their own. Bring their ideas to the band meetings, and we´ll see what works or what not. Maybe rearrange some stuff. Once the music is nailed, I take care of writing the lyrics. As we are 3 guys that do vocals, I try to write lyrics that suit the differences in our singing styles.

You have worked with the renowned producer Sverker Widgren, satisfied with the output?

Sverker satisfied us all, one by one and also as a group. He’s been around for a very long time, and been in bands like Demonical, Diabolical etc. Recording stuff forever and los been working at Necromorbus studios. So we knew he would get us that heavy as fuck sound. Sverker really delivered.

Repuked is usually compared to death metal bands as Autopsy, Paganizer… do you fit well in that classification or you feel yourselves something else?

Yeah, that’s about right. We take influences from everything we like. Pungent Stench, Abscess, Slayer, Obituary, Autopsy, Entombed, Dismember and many more.

I like how you blend the death metal, that is the base of your sound, with some death doom passages

Yeah, I like it all. I like grind, mid-tempo, fast stuff, slow doomy stuff, punky stuff, thrashy stuff, disgusting stuff etc. It becomes so much more fun play if you can just mix it all up.

Any song on the album you feel more proud of?

My personal favorite is probably “Repulsive, erected and anally infected”. I think we kind of nailed that Pungent Stench rock sleaze death vibe on that one.

What are the lyrics about?

The main theme in the lyrics is about being hangover and feeling as if you are about to die. And also about the same old nasty horror and gore, it´s death metal you know. I just try to fit the feeling of the music together with the words.

The artwork is really fantastic, who is responsible for it and how you connect it with the whole package?

The cover art is made by Necromaniac Artworks, which came out awesome. He´s this very old german bloke, and he even has longer balls with a smaller dick than us.
We´ve seen each other around at festivals in Europe, and been wanting to work with him for some time. But we never reléase anything up until now, so finally we could have him créate art for us. Really fits the music too, it totally completes the whole package. Dick goblins and all.

Touring now is almost impossible with the pandemic, but what do you miss more of the “old life”?

Playing live shows is what we prefer to do over anything else, we love that shit. Not only just to play with ourselves but to go and see other bands we like. This year fucking sucks.

Any plans for 2021?

Yeah, nothing confirmed yet. But we´re looking at the possibilites to go on a tour through Europe. We´ll see what happens. Also maybe play some festivals. It all depends on this Corona shit.

Totally true. The best of lucks to you Rob and all the band. Thanks for you attention and congratulations for your good album!

Thank you very mucho for taking the time! Stay filthy and we´ll see ya all down the road!

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