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Interview with REVEL IN FLESH

by Vpower


The Band: Revel In Flesh

Country: Germany

Answers by: Haubersson (guitars, bass, vocals)

Photos by: Eva Nagler



After a succesful line–up change in the drum department and following the release of their «Relics Of The Deathkult» compilation in early 2018, Southern Germany based REVEL IN FLESH finally strike back with their 5th full-length album on their new label home War Anthem Records! And what better than to talk about it with Mr. Haubersson, you will understand what RIF is about because the guy breaths and sweats death metal and knows what music industry is all about. Time to dive into the deep seas of classical European styled Death Metal from the 90s era!

Hello and thanks for being with us! The Hour Of The Avenger is yor fifth album in less than 10 years is not a bad average at all

Haubersson: Hola Alberto & all Spanish METAL BROTHERS! Well, yeah time is running fast and we have been a really productive band in that short period. BUT speaking honestly we never had the intention, it was simply the situation that the METAL literally spoken flowed in a good way. We have the fortune that our guitarist owns a home recording studio (The VAULT M. Which is always listed on our albums), so we could easily record all incoming ideas and keep them for a proper work out! It’s a more productive way compared to the classical rehearsal room songwriting; but in the end everything has ist pro- and contras!

In fact with the hard and good work you have developed we could say that Revel in Flesh is one of the bands more appreciated in the German death metal nowadays, do you feel like that?

Haubersson: Germany has a really healthy infrastructure and scenery for METAL; we have a lot of venues, festivals, magazines etc.! We learned as a band quickly to co-ordinate ourselves, do the underground network stuff etc.; it has been the hard and time consuming way, but you can say YES on our home soil it slowly pays off, although you have to keep in mind that fans are picky over here, too. All tours etc. cross central Europe and Germany is one of the main target markets for all.
Our current goal is actually to get more recognition outside Germany! We’ve played Barcelona (Spain) in 2013 with GRAVEYARD and DECAPITATED CHRIST. We would simply love to come back to your country, too.

Hopefully we will see you around very soon, burning the stages with your death metal. How long have you worked on The Hour Of The Avenger and how was the composition process?

Haubersson: We have taken more time than before for this album! I guess it’s around +/- 2 years. Some ideas are actually old and some were written during this period. The major change was the addition of our new drummer Hen “THE MAN” Henriksson. We’ve involved the drummer deeper in the whole writing process than we’ve did in the past. In common you can say that the new album is partwise more a “team” product, although some ideas still refer back to our main songwriter Maggesson.

THOA is death metal full of epic sense and melodies, this may be the main differences with your previous albums?

Haubersson: “The hour of the avenger” sets in where the 4th album left off. We already had those moody melodic elements through our whole “career”, but the intensity and atmospheric level has grown a lot since album 4th. With the new one we more or less put our METAL grail on the next level, although it’s still DEATH METAL written by worshippers of the classical 90ies style!

Exactly! By the way, this time not all the instruments were recorded in the guitarist Maggesson’s studio, any reason for it?

Haubersson: Yep, the drums were recorded in a nearby local studio with an engineer who is a drummer himself! This was a major step for us, also in terms of production, preparation and final work out! 70% of the vocals were as well recorded in another studio, simply to get a “new” influence by working with a new engineer and expanding the own vision. It really helps to keep that character more individual. All bass and guitars were done at Maggesson’s crypt 🙂

I think that Dan Swanö has had a hand in the final mix, what has been his support?

Haubersson: We have worked with Swanö on all our previous releases in one way or another! It’s a very clever, healthy and fruitful business releationship. He knows the strongest and weakest points of our deliveries and each time he helps us to come up with something better! Thanx Dan!

Almost one more member of the family then. THOA will be released by War Anthem Records, a change of label for better?

Haubersson: We’ve already worked with WAR ANTHEM Records for the “Relics of the deathkult” compilation and the reissues of the first 2 albums. It’s a trustful co-operation and they have a good standing within the German scenery. It was a logical step to give that union a try out on a full length album. We will see where the common journey guides us!

The base of your new album is undoubtedly the 90’s death metal, the best metal ever made or every time has its good points?

Haubersson: I’ve grown up with this type of DEATH METAL and seeing the classical bands (GOREFEST, DEATH, DISMEMBER, GRAVE etc.) back then left a mark on my thinking as a fan of the genre. To me Death Metal is about the feeling that shall drive you nuts. A lot of new bands are about technical, brutal, slam or blasting shit! Personally I wanna headbang and most of all “understand” the vibe of the song! Like a hardrocker 🙂

Absolutely agree with you. What are the lyrics about?

Haubersson: Our lyrics deal with our own created world of the “Deathkult”; it’s bound to the artworks and it’s like the own dark, obscure and sinister fantasy world of an author. Obsessed by the darkside and most of all lyrics, arts and music shall form a trinity!!! It’s not about preaching – simply read and get entangled by the Kult of Death!

The new drummer, Henriksson, could not debut in a better way, his work in the album is like a panzer…

Haubersson: Hell yeah, he has been a healthy addition to our vicious circle under all aspects! We are damned happy with his contribution and enthusiasm about the band; sometimes bringing in NEW and FRESH MINDED people can be a very wise choise to keep the system growing & flowing!

Any favorite track in the album?

Haubersson: Hm, I’m still lacking in distance to the album, BUT I really love the “outsider” track entitled “The nihilistic nothingness”; it ‘s more a rock beat type of track. It strongly gives me a vibe of albums like “Purgatory afterglow” (EDGE OF SANITY) or “Bitterness” (DESULTORY) and most of all it fuckin’ rocks!!! Check it out!

You have included a cover of Motorhead’s Rock Out, any especial reason for it?

Haubersson: Our new drummer is a MOTÖRHEAD ultra – so we gave him a good credit in the choice for a closing cover tune to finish the album! MOTÖRHEAD is iconic – you can actually NOT do it better than the original, BUT you can add your own vibe, which we’ve did! In the end it’s a take it or leave it.

Talking about Motorhead and the big bands we would ask you to reflect on the eventually disappearance of the big bands in every genre, what will happen next? Everything will be the same or nothing at all?

Haubersson: Well, the METAL genre will never die, but the whole musical industry is a different one than when all those 80ies big names got their pole position on the market. It’s hard to imagine a scene without shows from IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST etc.; but the industry will form new heros to sell their stuff on a large scale. If it will still aply to our tatse is a different issue. To all those big bands you have a certain relationship since you’ve grown up with them. You connect a lot of memories with it; it’s in your mind – no one can replace or steal it from you! Anyway since I always prefer the underground stuff it’s none of my main concerns, Ha!

Any tour programmed for the promotion of your new album?

Haubersson: So far no proper longer tour is scheduled, but many weekend single shows, some mini tours and a lot of festivals. We’re confirmed for PITFEST (NL), PROTZEN (Germany) and the glorious PARTY SAN Festival (Germany). The booking process for 2020 is still going on and we’re ready to strife down the road to madness!!! Bring us to your city 🙂

Thanks Haubersson for your attention and cool comments, if you wish to add something…

Haubersson: Muchas Gracias Alberto for this nice chat!!! METAL BROTHERS “The hour of the avenger” draws near. A big salut to all our friends and supporters in Spain, especially Juanjo Castellano, GRAVEYARD and DECAPITATED CHRIST. We would love to come back! Follow us on FB, Instagram or do it the old school way at www.revelinflesh.com – CHEERZ!!!

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