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Interview with ROAD WARRIOR

by Vpower

The Band: Road Warrior

Country: Australia

Answers: Denimal (bass, drums, vocals)






On their second studio album «Mach II» ROAD WARRIOR push traditional metal forward with fist-clenching manliness while remaining true to the past. ROAD WARRIOR bassist/vocalist Denimal Blake is a songwriter by trade, metalhead at heart and proud purveyor of metaphor. ROAD WARRIOR’s sonic arsenal in comparison to their 2018 «Power» debut: More melodies, more guitar harmonies, more solos and more vocals.

Hello Denimal, you started your career publishing your debut album “Power” in 2018, but when did you really kicked off the band?

I had begun RW around late 2015, when Johnny Touch abruptly ended. Then I moved to Germany for a while and recorded the demo. When I returned to Adelaide I put together the line-up we have now and began reheasals for ‘Power’. Easy!

On your second studio album «Mach II» you keep the way of traditional metal started before, right?

Well, it is hard to avoid. It is nearly impossible to play ‘Classic’ heavy metal without sounding ‘Traditional’. Heavy metal is roughly a 50 year tradition right? You can do the best you can without stepping too heavily on the forefathers!

How long have you worked on the new album and how was the composition?

The duration between each album is exactly how long we worked on the songs as a band. I had almost all of it written beforehand but there is still always more to add or change over time. The composition is more involved this time. I added more melodic guitar parts, and because we are a 3 piece band, you notice the lack of rhythm during those sections, so we beefed up the drive on my bass guitar sound!

It seems that you, Denimal Blake, is the guy in charge of the songwriting process?

Essentially. But a band is a band, of borthers. Nothing beeats a ‘band’.

So, what are the lyrics about in «Mach II»?

It is equal parts current and regressive. The charges against Freemasonry, ancient gods of all partitions of the world, classic European Paganism, Fighting corruption in all forms etc.

Comparing «Mach II» with your debut album what has changed?

It it more representative of the time that is currently incoming, and of the same fights, fought in days of old. You know this is true. Evil is here and a knew it, and this album is tribute to it.

Eight songs in «Mach II» and no time to waste from beginning to the end, even no intro, it seems you were eager to go out and push it hard?

It is the prelude to war, on a record. But wars are are fought not only in flesh, but in the mind, and spirit.

Any favorite song in the album?

Thunder n’ Fighting.

Road Warrior can be considered as a classic or retro band?

What is the difference?

At this point of your career you are where you thought you would be some years ago?

I had expectations but was ready for disappointment. I have beeen involved in the scene with more successful bands so I easily undertsand the ups and downs. Time is of the essence. I would be releasing an album thaat takes the ‘scene’ 10 years to finally appreciate, than an album that is ‘hot’ and then ‘not’.

How is the current covid19 crisis affecting your activity?

Oh man, the StarGazer tour of Europe is cancelled, people are out of work, it is fucking joke. It is a NWO restructuring of the world towards Bolschevik communism. Fight, be a slave, and/or die.

How big is the Australian scene? Is more difficult for Australian bands to access other countries?

It is similar as it has always been. Smaller due to lack of provisions thanks to the internet and it’s lazy vices. Maybe people will attempt to get outside while they can and not be able to seee the soon defunct festivals overseas. I reckon the next year (before the microchips and genocide) or 2 will see big turnouts at local shows.

Australia is far away, but what does that matter anymore eh? It seeems concerts might return, depending on whatever whimsical rules our WHO dominated government decides this week or the next. We can do ‘online concerts’ right?? Hahahahaaha fuck that. Fight or die. Seriously, the metal scene claims to be warriors, fight now, or it is over.



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