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Interview with SABOTER

by Vpower

Saboter_PhotoThe Band: Saboter

Country: Greece




The second album by Greek heavy metal force SABOTER is out in the streets, with “Architects of Evil” the band displays such an energy and a level of composition that, as they state, they have earned themselves the right to be among the bands to occupy the throne of heavy metal and write its history in the forthcoming years.

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Hello guys, you started your project in 2014 and in 2015 you released an ep. We have following you and we can say you have grown hughly since then, haven’t you?

As we can see Saboter of 2014 has almost nothing to do with the band of 2018. We are extemely passionate to reach the highest we can give.

After publishing Mankind Is Damned Metal Hammer considered you one of the hottest bands of the time

We were in a compilation and a presentation among other great bands of the time.

And now, on november 16th you release Architects Of Evil, the confirmation of the good vibrations you left with the previous works

We think that the good vibes of our previous album work very positive. Although, our new album level up is due to our constant will to experiment with our music and style.

And album released through No Remorse Records, another sign of your growth

We think No Remorse records is the perfect step up!! A label with true metal warriors and a totaly great roster that we feel so proud we are in, among names such as Vigin Steele, Heavy Load, Heir Apparent, Eternal Champion and many more!

Three of the members in the band come from the extinguished band Overcast, kind of a second chance?

No second chance, Overcast wea a thrash metal band that made its circle.

How long have you worked in the new album and how was the process?

We have been working for almost two years for the «Architects of Evil». First we had to deal with our line up changes and then we had almost a year or rehearsals and testing material and finaly five months of recordings.

Who is more responsible for the composition tasks inside the band?

SABOTER 1In this particular album the main composer is Antonis our vocalist with the five of the songs written by him. The other three tracks are written by Nick, Apostolos and Chris, although we work as a team to all tracks and every one contributes to the final result.

“Architects of Evil” shows a band with the ideas very clear, mature and ambitious, no limits?

Of course no limits, thats the point, thats what the band chase, a music without limit. We try not to «think in the box», we dont want to be another clone band or a band who tries to rise from the dead the 80s music. We live now in 2018, we have our influences but we want to write our own history!!!

Antonis Vailas displays a variety of skills that are really amazing, from classic vocals to a more extreme and undeground performance ala Tim Baker from Cirith Ungol, we could say

Antonis has his vision about how the vocals will fit better in the music of Saboter. He is very theatrical, lyrical and sinister in the way he uses the low and mids of his voice and that we think fits perfect when he spit the range of his aggressive screams, wins victory on high!

You cannot deny your origins, that base of Greek sound is all there, between epic, darkness and classicism

We dont want to deny our origins!! The glory of Greek Epic darkness is all around. We are the wrath of mediteranean heathens.

Hail to that! The cover art reflects very well those atributes, with a dark and classic edge

We think the cover art fits perfect with the sinister and aggressive metal we perform. Sometimes an image work better than words, so the artwork is the reflection of dark, epic and sinister vibes of this album.

Absolutely. Any song you would put over the others?

Everyone has its best track but if we must put a song in front then «To glory we march» lyrics symbolising many things for all of us.

A great musical piece indeed. I think this new album rises up Saboter to the level of those bands fighting for the heavy metal inheritance, names as Ram, Enforcer, Slaegt and so on

We are ready to show the world that we are not here just to play. We are here for war!!! An all out sinister and mersiless war, and as we said in our album anouncement… «We own the divine right to sit on the dead kings throne»

Heavy metal is living a golden age in Greece?

No we dont think Greece lives a golden heavy metal age but we think that the Greek scene has a lot of great bands right now in all metal generes especialy in extreme metal (thrash,death,black).

Any tour programmed for “Architects of Evil”? Is Spain on your map?

We have programmed our release live show here in Athens with our brothers in arms tech thrash heavy warriors Sacral Rage and Stygian Oath! Then one mini tour in the mid Europe another on in France but for now nothing in Spain but we are open in any suggestion!

What a show with Sacral Rage and Stygian Oath… Thank you very much and congratulations for your new album

We thank you too for you interview and your killer review brothers!! We hope see you in Spain soon!!!!!


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