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Interview with SACRAL RAGE

by Vpower

Sacral_Rage_1The Band: Sacral Rage

Country: Greece



“Beyond Celestial Echoes” is the highly anticipated third album from Greek speed metal outfit SACRAL RAGE! A technical brand of thrash that confirms the high expectations already risen with their previous efforts. Conceptually, “Beyond Celestial Echoes” continues the story of “UL,” an alien android from an ancient race that holds the knowledge of high technology and travels through space and time to find the right amounts of energy in order to achieve eternal life. Come and see!


Hello guys, on October 19th you will release your second album «Beyond Celestial Echoes». How would you define it?

Hello Metalbrothers! We would characterize it as deadly, aggressive, dark, technical, melodic and in your face. A combination of emotion and technique. A journey through the vast space of time tunnels. This newborn child of ours is ready for its first steps in the outer world.

If you liked Illusions in Infinite Void (2015) this new album will make you jump as a boy with new shoes that would be the summary…

That’s exactly what we believe. It is a step forward for the band in many different levels. Our composing skills matured, we have widened our influence boundaries, the sound, the atmosphere and the stories behind the music have been evolved. It’s like all of our senses were sharpened. We are very glad with the outcome.

Sacral Rage is a young band, but you guys are not so young in terms of experience in the music world

We are as young as it’s needed in order to play lethal metal but old enough to know how we want to sound like and what we want to achieve via our music. Our background helped us a lot in visualizing our purpose.

Sacral_Rage_3The lineup that recorded the first full-length continues to strike again, right? How positive is that when it comes to compose new songs?

The lineup is the same from the beginning of the band which is really cool and helpful regarding the songwriting. I think it would be extremely difficult to compose new material with lineup changes cause the procedure it’s a pain in the ass and we must give our 100% in order to deliver our best. This is an arduous process but we have to cross through it in order to feel the vibe of the final result. It’s a self-destruct process basically.

What I love of your new album is that you are able to combine a good technique with surprisingly attractive songs

This is top priority for us. We’ve never used extremely technical parts in order to show off our skills. The most important thing for us is to compose good music, songs that won’t lose their meaning in a couple of years. The technical side of the band is a way to express our paranoia and make a dizzier atmosphere for the listener.

As ever with new bands, people always compare their sound with the big monsters of the past. In your case, maybe Helstar is the nearest reference?

Hmm, I wouldn’t say so. Although Helstar is a great band, I don’t believe that they are a major influence for us. I would say that we lean more into the King Diamond, Annihilator territory. At least these are the core bands that are always in our minds.

You have included a 15 minutes piece, The Glass, where you deliver and show all the craziness that you can recreate in your rehearsal room, it’s a feast for the ears and you repeat the same formula as in your previous cd by the way

sacral rage1It is true that “The Glass” contains most of our influences that can be gathered in one song. It’s one complete idea that delivers a unique vision both in music and lyrics. We are very proud with this one. We hope that metalheads will travel to extraterrestrial worlds while listening to it. As for the repeated formula, that was actually our first attempt to compose a very long track. Our previous finale might be encountered as a 14 minute track but half of it is a silent part followed by a secret track with a doomy atmosphere.

Any other song you felt harder to complete?

Surprisingly, “The Glass” was not so hard to be conceived. Although we took some time to get it together, the composition went really smoothly. I guess the hardest song to compose was probably Samsara (LCE).

How do you deal with a new album when the previous one was so much acclaimed? You try to repeat the same parameters or you always look ahead, seeking new horizons?

Sacral_Rage_2The second scenario suits us better. We try to evolve all the time and never make the same steps. I believe that you can observe this by listening to our EP “Deadly…” in comparison with “Illusions…” and with this one. In “Beyond…” we have added many new elements to our sound, such as more melodic vocals, clean passages and more synth sounds.

What are the lyrics about? Looking at the cover art it seems you follow the Sci-fi trend? Kind of a conceptual work?

We’ve never thought that Sci-fi is a trend. At least when we were writing “Illusions…” there wasn’t a visible trend at that time. We always try to combine lyrics with the aura of our songs. Most of them are Sci-fi but we have also lyrics for spirituality, forbidden religion and horrors created by humans, among others. 

After these two great albums the bar is so high that easily you could suffer some dizziness, is this the case?

Hahah, we suffer dizziness all the time, so this is not the case for us. We know that by trying to evolve in every new step, there has to be a limit, before we end up trying too hard to sound even more unique and lose our true purpose. If we feel that there isn’t any room left for new ideas, we will compose good music with our established character.  

Although with an underground base your sound can reach a large audience, any tour programmed?

sacral rage

We will make our moves in 2019. We will announce details soon enough. Keep an eye on our page and if it happens to see that we are coming close to your town, attend or be damned, hahaha.

Any message for the growing number of fans everywhere?

We are an army of one and together we will rise as the day will come. The day that the sacral rage will be unleash is near. Raise your fists in the air and scream! 

Thank you very much and congratulations for the big album!

Thank you Metalbrothers for this great conversation.


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