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Interview with SANHEDRIN

by Vpower

Country: United States
Answers: Erica (bass, vocals), Jeremy (guitar)

Photo: Suzanne Abramson





A year after the re-release of their A Funeral for the World debut, buzzed-about Brooklyn trio SANHEDRIN return with “The Poisoner”, which features eight songs of alluring and diverse pure metal that defies categorization. And they are coming to Europe, a good chance to meet them.


A year after the re-release of your debut album A Funeral for the World, you are back with the second release The Poisoner, taking advantage of the momentum?

J: We wanted to take advantage of the momentum and have new material in advance of our upcoming European tour.

It seems that 2019 will be an important year for the band: new album and European tour with the good guys of Gatekeeper?

J: Yes, 2019 is shaping up to be quite the eventful year for us.

Sanhedrin_Gatekeeper_DatesAn European tour means you have a good legion of fans in the old continent?

J: Apparently. For whatever reason our music has been well-received in Europe. Less so than in our home country of the USA actually. As such, we want to go over there and play for our supporters and make new fans.

For now, not dates in Spain or even South Europe, it seems North Europe is far more attractive for the bands…

J: This tour is focused on Germany and the surrounding areas. That is where we have the most supporters right now, so it makes sense to visit them on our first trip to Europe. We are playing Up The Hammers Fest in Greece while we are over there as well.

How long have you worked in the new album The Poisoner and how was it?

J: Some of the ideas have been in development for a couple years, while others were written after the release of Funeral. In terms of recording the album, that was fast. We were in the studio for about a week in total, with a few extra sessions for mixing.

Was there something meanly different compared to the work you did with your debut album?

J: We wanted to build on what we did on the first album while exploring new territory.

As its predecessor The Poisoner contains 8 songs but I have the feeling that it offers a bit wider range of sounds

J: I would agree with that. All three of us expanded our abilities and creativity on The Poisoner. I imagine that will continue as we make more music in the future.

Personally I choose the opener Meditation as my fav in the album, I think it offers the best of yourselves, ambient heavy metal with that touch of doom, rich in shades

J: That song certainly is a journey. As a guitarist, it’s the kind of song I’ve always wanted to be part of composing and contributing to. I got to show some versatility in that regard.

We also find more classic songs as The Getaway or For The Wicked. How would you define yourself as band: aimed to changes in your sound or faithful to a classic and traditional sound?

J: We focus on what each song needs to feel complete and of high quality and let the listener decide what they want to call it.

Sanhedrin_CoverAnother good news is that you repeat the same lineup. Being a trio any change in the members might be a dramatic one

J: The three members of this band each offer their unique perspective and voices in the creative process as well as the overall sound. Every good band is the sum of its parts, and our band is no different. Each person is essential in the creation of the music we make.

Erica Stoltz brings her personality to all the songs with her voice, she also commands the band in the rehearsals, hand outs and the playstation 🙂 ?

E: I am NOT the band leader. It’s a 3 way split.

As most of the bands I suppose you cannot make a living of your music, for now, how do you share this passion with your jobs or whatever?

J: We all work in music and/or audio related fields. We are currently in a position where we are balancing work with music and I feel lucky for that.

Yes it is. Any general subject in the lyrics or every song has their own story?

E: My approach to lyrics varies. I would say its equal parts autobiographical, imaginative fiction, observations on human nature and the language of rock and roll.

When I get stuck, I ask Nate for help.

Good to have a friend always near. You are touring with Gatekeeper in a few weeks, if you could choose you would also like to share stage with…?

J: It would be great to play with Metallica I suppose.

E: I’d like to open for Iron Maiden.

What other plans you have for the just started year?

J: There are plans for some touring in the USA after we return from Europe. We are also hoping to return to Europe later in 2019, but nothing is at the point where we could make an announcement of any kind. We will take everything as it comes to us and see where this wild ride takes us.

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