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Interview with SARCOTROFIA

by Hombre Rancio

sarcotrofia 1Hello Friends, Today I have the pleasure to talk to Sarcotrofia, a Death Metal Band from Mozambique, original stuff.

Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Sarcotrofia created?

Yeah! Just to bold, we generally play what we feel and not exactly the genre, so we named our sort of music GUTTURAL ROTTEN PORNOVAGINOTOPSY (GRP)….Ya it’s the super joint of Mozambican traditional rhythms with metal and its sub-genres, then it end up sounding like ‘’GRP’’. The band comes from the ashes of another past band called Sarcomaticaposa founded by Goro Fast (Drummer) in 2006…then after several lineup changes it became SarcotrofiA…from there until now we have been working hard trying to bring the best unexplored side of music to the listeners and lovers of this musical genre in attempt to creat an identity as SarcoptrofiA.

sarcotrofia 2Left to Rot is your Ep, what are we going to find in it?

Basically we launched our EP/demo within 5 tracks on the 30th May 2015, in which we had bunch of copies that didn’t last long…our crowd, fans, haters, non-believers, adversaries, public and animals J  were waiting for it to grab…so we have non left, mean it is sold out, but for those who need to give it a ear may surf in this link: https://soundcloud.com/sarcotrofia (SoundCloud) the is our Full length EP uploaded.

sarcotrofia 3In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?

…actually our strong point until now is touring around and surrounding a bit more, drop SarcotrofiA seed to grow to the crowd, reach our objectives and keep focus on hard work to make the band worthy.

What are your musical influences?

Since we are all Africans, we got many influences of different types of music, but basically our influences are everything connected to the music in general and some weird sounds/rhythms…we don’t have a specific influences just because we are opened to everything connected to the music

sarcotrofia 4Do you have new songs?

Yes, beside those already known we have some couple of new songs, but now still carving the very fresh one called ‘’LEFT TO ROT’’.

sarcotrofia 5Your music is a big surprise for me, very original Stuff. Brutal death vocals, very technical drum work, aggressive riffs, the band mixed several styles and dark atmospheres. What do you think?

…as we have said, since we are influenced by several types of music and genres, it made us versatile musicians and brought a unique GRP sound, ..you know we are Africans – so hre we have many different types of rythms which can influence any one to get use to…and thanks for your attention for digging deep our tracks.

sarcotrofia 6Goro you are the drummer of the band. Your sound is very original, technical, tribal, I think is one of the strong points of the band. What do you think? Which drummers do you like?

sarcotrofia 7…at first thanks for your support…honestly it is difficult to me to mention names or bands that inspire me or something, just because I normally I don’t follow bands or names, but yeah i listen to everything connected to the music and I  use to practice a lot and make research  of different weird and strange rhythms in order to bring something to bold my skills, I have no boundaries in music thing, in addition to, I live in a country which the potential music industry is traditional and tropical vibes think these make me have some technical and tribal skills …guess.

sarcotrofia 8Sarcotrofia plays in another countries of Africa? The band plays in the Gorofest 2015, with another bands from: Angola, Bostwana, South Africa, is a very great festival and a great Opportunity for Sarcotrofia. What do you think?

Beside Mozambique, we have been touring south Africa recently in many small festivals such as: Death fest, Buchering the main stream day fest, SAMAH –Metal melt down, Wolmer fest, Emalyth- the rapure, live raw uncunt, among others…

…that’s awesome…we really thanks the organizer for giving to us once more the opportunity to rip stages with these gods of African metal, we are so excited to share stage with other African bands…for the first edition joining the African metal bands, the GOROFEST is being out spoken which is nice for us as a band and think also for the organizers, it was finally found the way to make it be heard…congrats to the whole crew.

My Favourite Song is RATM, what is yours?

Oops…since we are four in a band, we have different choices, the vocals (Daude ‘’Namesis’’) favourite song is: Ghost Monk
Guitarrist (Eulides ‘’Mestre’’) is: Benighted
Bassit (Jubileu ‘’Jubless’’) is: Brutal Stab
Drumme (Goro Fast) is: Panic at Mourgue…
….but in one voice we also stick in your side, RATM is our fav lol.

What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

…we generally talks about everything that touch us at any rate, mean depends on the moment the songs was written, but basically we drop the whole shit in it…non specific.

How do you see the current scene of the metal in your country?

…our metal scene is big and it is growing bigger and solid… but briefly i would say; with the damping of several festivals and concerts routine here in Maputo / Mozambique , The GOROFEST brought the metal to the active scene so since 2007 we have GOROFEST until today …and we are happy for the fest being sucesssful…the fest has been rolling on and on, non stop, bringing, waking, forming and promoting mozies bands…we can’t conmplain, our metal scene is becoming big and biogger bringing interational acts and now we are going to rip the GOROFEST international, crossing countries.

How can the fan get your album?

…we don’t have the dept album yet, we are stilll working on it, it takes time to bring it out, but the fans whose don’t have our EP, they may have it in sound cloud: https://soundcloud.com/sarcotrofia or check some stuff on youtube/ sarcotrofia.

For more info can also check our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SARCOTROFIAKERNICTERUS

What are your future plans?

We are now focus on European tour 2016…and we are so excited about it…so our big challenge is to find a way of slotting us in the music industry, a good record label, sponsorship or endorsement ..Above all play in festivals and tour around.

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead…

…thanks for this short conversation, we really appreciate, for those who want to follow us, check our FB page, smack ‘like’’ and get informed about our forth gigs and tour, album and stuff…

Many thanks, keep pimping in us. https://www.facebook.com/SARCOTROFIAKERNICTERUS

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