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Interview with SATURN

by Vpower

saturn2The Band: Saturn

Country: Sweden

Answers by: Robin Tidebrink (vocals)


SATURN is a progressive rock and metal band from Sweden releasing their second full-length album, Beyond Spectra, they know what they want and they deliver it, no matter what, good and old school metal. A good progression since their first album, these guys have something especial, you feel it, and Robin told us about it.

sarurn logo

Hello Robin, how are you doing?

Hey man, all good thanks! The winter in Sweden is finally over ha-ha.

Haha summer is coming! Let’s go. You are still a young band giving their first steps, big ones, sure, so please tell us a little your story.

Me and Oscar (vocalist and bass player) are old friends. I moved to the southern parts in Sweden for a couple of years and when I moved back home Oscar had met Linkan (guitarist) and they were jamming. I joined them and we started to play together just for fun. A couple of months later we had so many cool riffs so we said like: “Hey, let’s start a band”. And we have been playing together ever since. Linkan met Ted (drummer) on a night out in the bar and he shortly joined us after that.

You are releasing your second full-length album, Beyond Spectra, how do you feel about it?

We’re thrilled man! It’s nice to be able to release your music on a proper label like Rise Above. And the feeling when you get your first LP in your hands is amazing. We are really greatful. It’s something to show your grandkids in the future you know? Haha.

Any progression or changes in your style regarding your debut album?

The songs seem to be more in shape with each other. On Ascending the songs can vary in style because we didn’t really have in mind that we were going to release them on an album when we wrote them. On Beyond Spectra all of the songs fit each other better and the album is better produced than the first one.

Saturn is a cool name for a band, it is also connected with the space metal you deliver sometimes, or am I dreaming?

Nah you’re correct my good Sir! When we first decided to go with Saturn as a name it was mainly after the Roman God but we tend to use the space as a big influence in our lyrics and over all theme as well.

Listening to Beyond Spectra one can believe the good times are back again, call me nostalgic…

Haha we weren’t born in what you refer to as “the good times” but it would have been cool to be a teenager back in the 70’s with all the new cool music that came out at that time. But yeah, I guess we do sound like a 70’s or 80’s band and we do so because it’s the music that we listen to. I mean we love that music so it’s hard not to be influenced by it.

I actually like the cover artwork, as a fan of comics, it brings me memories of Flash Gordon’s adventures. What was your intention with it?

We wanted something that kind of stood out and not looked like your average 70’s hard rock or metal cover. We pitched our crazy idea to Branca Studio and it came out really nice. Maldo Illustration did the illustration and Branca Studio did the coloring and layout and we are really pleased with it.

Some jealous people could accuse you of being a revival band, how do you feel about it?

Haha we don’t care at all. You can’t please them all you know. We understand that some people won’t like our music but it doesn’t bother us at all. We just write the music that we would want to listen to ourselves.

saturn 1The reality is that with Beyond Spectra you position yourselves as a reference in the current hard rock and heavy scene, old style. You think is necessary to be over 30 or 40 years old to enjoy your music?

No I really don’t think that you have to be a certain age to enjoy it. But I do understand that people who usually listen to this style of music is middle aged men haha. But that’s cool with us. We don’t want to have the same listeners as Justin Bieber.

Neither would I. As in the food industry there is a trend of fast music consumption. Yours is completely different, take your time and enjoy it, what do you think?

Exactly, we don’t write “hit singles” and we never will. We want people to listen to the album from the start to finish. That’s the only way you get the full experience and you get the right track order etc.

How long have you worked on Beyond Spectra and how was the composition process?

We are constantly writing new songs so in a way we started writing it when we released Ascending. It always starts with a riff. And then we jam the songs together and people come up with different ideas etc. So it’s a group effort. The lyrics is the last thing we do before the track is ready to be recorded.

Force of the North is my favorite track, it has all the essence of classic heavy metal. Any song harder to finish up than orders?

Thanks man, It’s probably my favorite track as well. We have a song that we wrote years ago that is actually really good but the arrangement isn’t quite there yet, and I don’t know if it ever will be haha. Some tracks just write themselves whereas others are kind of hard to pin down.


If I have to name a band that defined your sound more accurately I would name Judas Priest, agree?

I would totally agree with you. We are all really big fans of Pries.. who isn’t?

All in your music is balanced, but guitars are dominant, no surprise, right?

No because like I said before when we write the songs they all start with a riff of some kind. And the style of music that we’re playing is guitar driven indeed. You can’t have metal without guitars haha.

True as hell. You have signed by Rise Above Records, how do you feel about it?

It’s an honor really. Lee and everybody at Rise Above are really cool and they let us release our music more or less untouched. They don’t tell us to change things in the songs etc, we can do what we want to do and that’s amazing.

With your curriculum and being from Sweden it is not necessary to be Holmes to deduce that you are destined to play in the Sweden Rock, have you already done it?

No Sir we have not (yet). We mainly play in Germany because the hard rock scene there is amazing. And there are about 10 times more people in Germany compared to Sweden. But hopefully we’ll play Sweden Rock Festival at some time in the future if all goes well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

saturn3I bet for it. You are a band more oriented to the live shows or the studio work?

We really like recording, it’s a really creative process but the live shows are what we like the most. Travelling around Europe in a van, drink beer and meet nice people on the road. That’s rock n roll. And the feeling when you’re on stage in front of awesome people that are there to watch you is hard to describe.

Any tour programmed?

We are working on a tour in Europe later this fall. Oscar is becoming a father this summer so we have to lay low for a couple of months.

Congratulations to Oscar! Thank you very much, Robin, for your attention!

Thank you Alberto and hopefully we’ll meet sometime in beautiful Spain. Beer is on us!
Stay true
Robin Tidebrink of Saturn

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