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Interview with SECOND SUN

by Vpower

The Band: Second Sun

Country: Sweden

Answers: Jakob Ljungberg (Vocals & Guitar)



SECOND SUN has done it again, “Kampen Går Vidare” (“The Struggle Continues”) is the third full-length from the Stockholm-based group. A concept album that addresses the political convictions of an adult human being, from a blissful rebel, through phases of clarity of mind, uprising, eagerness in the spirit of change; to the hardened cynic, ridden with doubts of indifference and weariness of the world. Muscally these Swedish continue to show their cool ideas and great skills.

Hi guys, your third album “Kampen Går Vidare” is already out in the streets, how do you feel about it?

Hi, Jakob from Second Sun here! It feels great to finally be able to release the music for everyone to hear, we postponed it a bit because of the covid situation, so we’re very pleased to finally get to make it available! As for the record itself I couldn’t be happier, everyone outdid themselves in the process and it turned out fantastic in my humble opinion.

You are still a young band but with a good international impact, why then you use Swedish instead of English?

It’s easier for me to express myself in swedish, plus for some reason I hit the high notes better. The plan from the beginning was to mix english and swedish, but the person responsible for the english lyrics quit the band, haha. We only got one song recorded in English, which can be found on the Autonomic Pilot 7” released by Electric Assault Records.

Talking just about phonetics, for a not Sweden guy as me, maybe the sounds are not so attractive as English or even French can be… You will continue using your mother language in the future or English may be an option?

That’s the plan, it’s part of the sound now and the lyrics kind of needs the Swedish, at least for me and at least right now. Maybe it would be cool to do some future recording session in two versions, one swedish and one english or something, time will tell!

In 2018 you released your second album, this third one is quite different musically speaking. You sound more heavy or hard rock than progressive this time, right?

Absolutely, we lost most of the keyboard elements so this is obviously more of a guitar album and also the songs and production are more heavy metal oriented!

It’s clear that you are not the typical band releasing the same album every time, or am I wrong? So, what can be next?

You’re right, we do what comes to mind and what feels refreshing in our heads, I think the next one might be a smaller step though. We’re working on some really long and winding tunes right now, but built around the same sound. It will be a natural continuation of Kampen Går Vidare, of that much I’m sure!

When did you start composing “Kampen Går Vidare” and how was the recording process?

All our albums are recorded in two sessions, so you don’t have to keep 9 tracks in your head and stay in the studio for 2 weeks, but can instead give it all you’ve got for 5 days and then focus on new tunes. We did the first one during summer 2019 and the second one in march 2020. We started composing the material as soon as the last recording session of Eländes Elände was finished. We’re always working on new stuff. As a band, it feels like you’re always a year ahead, all the songs to Kampen Går Vidare were written and in the process of rehearsal during november a year ago.

“Kampen Går Vidare” is a conceptual album, why did you choose the subject and what do you talk about?

It’s about the journey in awareness (political and otherly) our character takes through life. I wanted to write something that wasn’t necessarily about myself but more general, so the concept thing felt like a great way to incorporate different kinds of moods and songs. In order to still make it personal and relatable it’s sung from the perspective of the main character.

To create a conceptual album is essentially different to a non conceptual one? What was the most difficult to accomplish?

In a way it’s different, but I always thought of albums as concepts musically – so the most difficult thing was to map out the story. But once that was done it was actually sort of a help to know even before it was written what every song would be about and what the mood would be and what lyrics would be roughly say.

Is this “Kampen Går Vidare” influenced in any way but the terrible year we are living?

No it’s not. Everything was written during 2018 and 2019. It’s based around plain old regular anxiety from pre-2020 times.

As I said before, I think the new album sounds pretty less progressive than previous releases, this can take you nearer a bigger audience?

I don’t think so. But if the big audience chooses to show up now that we’ve made a record that we’re really happy with that would of course be great!!

I appreciate a NWOBHM vibe in the album, what do you think?

Cool, I appreciate it too! Here are the top 5 british heavy metal tracks of the day:

Raven – Bring the Hammer Down

Blind Fury – Living on the Edge

Traitor’s Gate – Devil Takes the High Road

Virtue – Seek and Destroy

Hell – The Devil’s Deadly Weapon

A big selection indeed. One of the strong points is that you deliver very good melodies, which makes the album much fun to listen to

Thank you. I don’t know what to say, they’re the melodies that come to me, possibly influenced by irish and swedish folk music that were always present when I grew up.

We haven’t found any information about the band members, not even in your Facebook, any changes in the lineup or the teams is the same?

It’s the same old! We probably just forgot to update it.

Sweden was attracting much attention and opinions because of his way to fight the covid, compared for example to most of Europe. How are you dealing with this situation?

Staying in, staying safe, trying to be a responsible human being.

As you touch a little this subject in your album, do you think there is an alternative to politicians or it is the best we can get?

Hopefully things can always get better, but I’m not educated enough to start talking about if replacing all politicians with… something else would do the trick. All I know is that the day you settle with what is presently available is the day where everything is perfect – which is not likely to happen, or you’ve given up – which is more likely.

What are your plans and wishes for 2021?

We’ll continue to write music and stay creative. If possible we’ll also do some shows!

Thanks for your opinions, Jakob. if you wish to add something…

Thanks for having me! Support your favorite bands and labels, pick up an album you dig, it’s more important now than ever. Take care! //Jakob, Second Sun

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