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Interview with SLAEGT

by Vpower

Slaegt_1The Band: Slaegt

Country: Denmark

Answers by:  Oskar J. Frederiksen (lead vocals, guitars)




The new album of Danish hopefuls SLAEGT is here. Building up on their highly acclaimed EP «Beautiful and Damned» (2015) and the blend of Black Heavy Metal, «Domus Mysterium» is a masterpiece, one of those bands with a sound of their own, a diamond nowdays.

 slaegt logo

Hello Oskar, we are happy to talk to the ever growing band Slaegt

Hello, likewise, we are happy to talk to you as well, thank you for the interest.

It seems that from the very beginning of your career you have only grow steadily, both in quality and followers

Yes that’s true, it certainly seems that way. It started out as a bedroom project, with me as the only member, and with a selfmade and self released demotape of only 25 copies. Now we are releasing our first full length as a group, and we are going to open the biggest metal festival here in Denmark (Copenhell) this year, so yes – it’s certainly grown. And I do believe that what we are doing now is better in some ways, that is; we are better at what we do now, we have a better understanding of our capabilities and our identity, and we still feel a wish to move further up/down. Who knows what will happen, but we are for sure not done yet!

«Domus Mysterium» is the excellent follow up to your acclaimed ep Beautiful and Damned. You have been up to the high expectations, haven’t you?

I don’t know about expectations from others, but our own expectations have been high, that is true. We are always striving to “up” ourselves and make our next effort better than the last. So we wanted this album to be the best it possibly could – bigger, bolder, better lyrics, better riffs, stronger emotions, all of that, and we have worked hard in and outside the studio to make it happen. I think we have succeeded.

Oskar, aka Asrok, is the only founding member, although you are still a young band, how did you recruit the other guys?

As you say, I (Oskar) started the project (2011) and the others have joined along the way. For the “Ildsvanger” album Adam helped with drums (2013), and when it was decided that Slægt should start playing live (2014) he came along again, this time bringing along a schoolmate of his, Anders for second guitar and another of his schoolmates Andreas for the bass. Andreas quit later that year and we then got one of Anders’ old friends in for the bass, his name is Olle.

slaegtHow long have you been working on «Domus Mysterium» and how was the process?

Since before “Beautiful and Damned” was released actually. As soon as that EP was recorded we started working on new material, so when “BaD” was released we already had two new songs ready. We are constantly writing new material. So the proces for “Domus Mysterium” started then, but it won’t be completely finished until we have the vinyl in our hands. It has been a long and rewarding proces, in which we’ve grown and learned a lot, and I am sure it will benefit us immensely when the proces for the next recordings start.

I would even dare to say that you might have pulished or redifined a new style as black heavy or dark heavy metal

We usually call what we do black heavy metal, if people ask us directly, since that description makes a lot of sense. But to us, we play rock musick, a kind of rock musick that comes out when the four of us are together and play/write. Our inspirations are wide and many, some times we don’t even listen to, or think about, rock’n’roll, but for some reason, this is what comes out when we pick up our instruments. It can’t be any other way.

For what I have read the lyrics touch your own personal experiences, right?

That is correct, all of my lyrics comes from things I have experienced internally or externally, or some things I have given a lot of thought, based on experiences I have had. “Remember it’s a Nightmare” from the album, for example, touches upon some disagreements I had with some acquaintances, and the very negative emotions I felt because of this.

If you have a look at the cd cover, simple as a bucket, you would never imagine what it hides inside… Any especial meaning on it?

What is on the cover is one of our symbols; it is called “The Eye of the Devil” (as the song on the album). It is a visual representation of a core of energy, where the energy is so strong, that it cannot contain itself, and thus bursts out, with following (positive or negative, you decide) consequences. We wanted the cover to have the feeling of an old book, mysterious and alluring, where you open it up and is exposed to the complex, layered and magick content within.

Slaegt_2A great effect, indeed. Where do you get the inspiration to compose so exciting and evocative songs?

It’s a cliché, but from being alive; Waking up and not wanting to be here, getting off stage and wanting to do it again, listening to each others thoughts and ideas, watching movies, reading books, feeling low by doing what you should and high from what you shouldn’t do. Plus there is also something undefinable that guides our hands when we write these songs. Some times we are not in control, and we just have to feel in the dark, and know deep inside, when it is time, and tell each other, that the song is finished.

The most surprising, may be, is that your music can be enjoyed by a very large audience, people who like heavy metal and people who like extreme metal alike

If that is the case, I think it is because we focus on writing good songs, rather than adhering to a certain style, or trying to be something we are not, which is a thing I think people can smell from miles away; if you are being honest with your Self or not.

Some of your songs, like The Eye of the Devil or Domus Mysterium, actually go back to the roots of all this business, to the big names of all this thing

What roots are we talking about here? Because everything goes back to the roots, if you trace it back long enough.

What is your favorite song?

“Into the Night” by Julee Cruise.

After this brilliant «Domus Mysterium» I guess it is hard to get it any better, this might be dissapointing or a challenge for your next release, what is your case?

Next project should always be a challenge, otherwise you’re doing it wrong. But yeah, we are already on it, and to us it feels like it’s going in the right direction. We have now found our identity and know how to better it and go further. Time will tell.

I think I am not wrong if I say that Slaegt is the most important band out of Denmark right now, Pop and Aor apart, of course hahaha?

I have no idea; in our own lives we are extremely important, but if others feel the same, I am not so sure. It must be up to them to decide if we are “the most important band in Denmark” right now or not. But it doesn’t really matter to us. If we can still write music that excites ourselves, then we are doing the right thing, no matter how popular we might be.

Please, tell us that you are gonna embark on a long tour around Europe, Spain included…?

Hopefully after summer, some time around September/October, who knows where that will take us, but yes, hopefully Spain, we really want to go there.

We will be ready for the possible dates. Would you play the whole album from beginning to end?

We are having a release party here in Copenhagen on the day the album is released, and who knows what will happen that evening….

Cool…Thank you very much Oskar for your attention and your great album

We thank you as well, thank you for the interest and questions, and we will meet you one day, that is for sure. Until then………..

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