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Interview with STALLION

by Vpower

The Band: Stallion

Country: Germany

Answers: all the guys




After countless club and festival shows and a lot of touring across Europe, STALLION is now returning with its third full-length “Slaves Of Time”, Old school in every aspect, with their powerful blend of speed metal & heavy metal, they are establishing themselves as of the coolest bands of the Nwothm. Moreover, this new album hides inside some song that will actually surprise the fans.

Hello guys, on February you are releasing your third album “Slaves Of Time” how do you feel about it?

We’re super happy that the release day is finally drawing nearer and there are still a lot of things to do but we’re looking forward do bring the songs on stage.

We find a new name in the band, on guitar duties: Clode Savage. How has been his recruiting and his adaptation to the band?

We actually know each other for quite some time as Clode played for the Swiss band BATTALLION before they disbanded in 2016. We kept contact and when Oli decided to leave STALLION in order to concentrate more on his other band FLESHCRAWL he was our first choice.

Previous albums were produced and engineered by Stallion, did you have some assistance this time?

We definitely had some help this time. The drums were recorded by Victor Santura of Woodshed Studios. Everything else was recorded by me. The mix was done by Marco Brinkmann of Hellforge Studios who also coproduced the record with us. Mastering was done by Patrick W. Engel as was every STALLION record so far.

When did you start writing the new album and how was the recording process?

The songwriting almost always starts when the previous record is completly tracked. Because the time between tracking until it’s finally released is not as busy as usual. I think the first Songs for this album were written in early 2017.

Regarding your previous albums, Slaves Of Time was easier to finish?

You somewhat learn to cope with the pressure and you are more confident to let things be. So you could say it was a little easier to complete this record, but it’s always a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into it haha.

No pain, no glory. Although you continue to deliver your heavy speed old school approach, Slaves Of Time we find some novelties. The biggest one would be the song Die With Me, a power ballad of more than 7 minutes, how did it happen?

It happened quite naturally actually. I always wanted to write something more dramatic and theatrical but we just concentrated more on the speedy stuff before. When the song came finally together everyone agreed that this song needs to be on the record.

This talks about a band that tries to explore new lands, how important is this for you?

Hmmm, we’re always open to explore new stuff but it’s nothing we force at all. Some development is always desirable of course.

Listening to the twing guitars and solos, it seems Clode and Äxxl has teamed up for good

We’re happy to hear that. Clode is an amazing guitarist and I also think we harmonize really well.

What are the lyrics about?

STALLION has always tried the incorporate socio-critical elements into the lyrics. We’re very concerned about what is happening right now in the world and of course that ist reflect in our lyrics. “Merchants of Fear” is about control through hate and fear. “No Mercy” is something we scream into the faces of reactionary nationalists and xenophobes.

Slaves of time seems tightly connected with the cover art, what’s the meaning behind it all?

The cover is showing the earth slowly melting away in the hourglass. A race against time alongside the (social) dislocations and the rise of right wing forces which need to be fought down make us “Slaves of Time”

You are considered a band with an intense live show, more dates are coming this year I guess

Indeed! We’re currently booking the release shows on weekends of February, March and April. We’re also looking forward to play METALHEADZ OPEN AIR and HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR this year. There might be some touring surprises as well 🙂

That’s what I wanna hear. This third album confirms you in the league of young bands like Ram, Enforcer, Traveller, etc as a prominente member of the NWOTHM. Just a label or you feel identified with the movement?

Wow that’s an honour really! When we started out with STALLION we didn’t try to sound like someone else or a genre and instead tried to concentrate on our own trademarks instead. But it’s always nice to be named alongside great bands like that.

Please, name an album/band as the best of this XXI century or someone that has marked you

An album that was very important to us was Skull Fist 2011 record “Head of the Pack”. It was somewhat of an ignition spark to finally say “ok, let’s start our own band” which we did in 2013.

A good recommendation indeed! Thank you very much, if you wish to add something…

Thanks for having us 🙂

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