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Interview with STALLION

by Vpower

stallion2The Band: Stallion

Country: Germany

Answers by: Pauly (vocals)



STALLION is a German band growing in popularity day by day. Their sound has grown with their second album “From The Dead” in complexity, variety and, of course, speed! Their lyrics also show compromise and maturity. They are one of those bands you always wish to see in any Metal fest, fun guaranteed.

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Hello Pauly, this year you are publishing your second album, “From The Dead”, on June 30. Only a few days before the releasing date how do you feel about it?

We are so excited and just can´t wait for the release date, hell yeah. It´s always exciting cause you never know what the people will think about the album but since we worked really hard on the album and everything we have a good feeling about it. 

In Germany and Europe Stallion has a name already, with this second chapter is the chance to jump to all continents?

Hopefully. We would love to do shows also in North and South America or Asia but it´s always hard to cover the costs for flights and everything so we we will see what happens. 

What can you tell the fans about “From The Dead”?

We did a lot of things DIY since our first EP «Mounting the World» but on the new record everything was recorded, produced and mixed by our guitar player Äxxl himself and we are very happy about that. It´s one of the reasons why it took us so long to bring out the new record cause he had to do everything in the nights while he was working in his normal job during the day but we really think it was worth the time.

Again we wanted to have a wide range between Hard Rock, Speed Metal and also some Thrash Parts. It was also very important for us to make a stand against all those right wing in the metal scene and in general. Fuck fascists, there is no place for them in this world!

I think with your new album we find also some deep roots into Speed Metal, may even more than heavy metal…

Yeah, like we always wanted to have a good mixture and not do strictly one genre. We write our songs the way they come to our mind and since we all have an open minded taste it´s not unusual that we try to mix styles, you know.

Stallion_From_The_DeadFrom the very first song, Underground Society, you are relentless, in fact I love that song, it sounds as if you have drunk 3 Red Bulls in a row hahaha

Thanks man, I take that as a compliment. We wanted to start the album with a fast one cause that´s how we roll, haha

Is there any moment for the relax inside your new album or it is speed all the way?

Hm, I guess «From the Dead» is not the right album for relaxing at all but there is not only speed and brutality on it. You can also find some real Rock´n Roll stompers on it just like «Hold the Line» or «Down and Out». We made a nice acoustic guitar intro for the title Track «From the Dead», that´s the only chance to take a deep breath before the song starts, haha

After listening to the album I appreciate there is a lot of work behind every song, when you less expect it you give a turn to the song

Thanks mate that is something we really try to do in our songwriting since the first EP. We think it´s cool to have turns in songs and maybe that´s something that makes our songs special so it´s nice to hear that people recognize things like that. This time we spend a lot of time in rehearsing and jamming on the songs together and changed a lot of things before we recorded them, maybe that plays it´s part, too.

Apart of that I would like to call the attention on the lyrics, we can say you talk about matters that are really serious in some songs, don’t you?

Yeah, actually the title track «From the Dead» is the most important topic for us on this record. We always thought that there are a lot of people in the scene out there who are right wing sympathizers or just provoking with signs on their vests and shirts that we can´t tolerate at all. The song is against people like that who think it´s funny or very evil to talk right wing bullshit and act like complete idiots. It´s important to stand up against people like that and show that politics also plays a role in Heavy Metal music. In our opinion more bands should do it like that.

It´s also important for us to stand up for more respect in the scene cause everybody wants to be a true metal hero and wants to show that there´s nothing else than Metal in this world. Fuck that shit!!! We all had our influences and we do Stallion because we fucking love Heavy Metal but there are also other genres in this world and this «Underground Society» just makes us sick. That´s why we also wrote a song about that.

Respect, that is so much important, you’re so right Pauly. This album has been recorded and mixed by yourselves, how was it? Would you repeat the experience?

Yeah, just like I already told you Äxxl did most of the work and he had a very tough time managing everything. On one hand there is no better way to do it cause we had the possibility to do everything exactly our way and to make everything sound the way we want it to sound but on the other hand Äxxl had to be musician, producer and sound engineer at the same time which is very tough to handle. I can’t tell if we are going to do it exactly the same way again but we are happy that we had the chance to do it on «From the Dead», haha

stalllion1The band is also responsible for the cover art?

All the Stallion Cover Artworks have been done by one of our best friends Ben Pehl and he also did the Cover Artwork for «From the Dead» or us. This time he everything was completely hand painted and he spend so much work and passion in the Artwork and we just think it´s amazing. We are very happy to have a good friend on our side who knows us for almost 10 years now and knows how we think and what we wanted to see in the Artwork.

Cool. As a German band you have also played in the Metal sanctuary of the Keep It True, another confirmation of your status

Fuck yeah, that was a very big honor for us. Äxxl and me are visitors of Keep it True – festival for 8 years know and to climb this stage as one of our first shows ever was just an unbelievable feeling. I´m so grateful Oli Weinsheimer asked us to play there after we did our very first live show ever at his Metal Assault Festival 3 months before KIT, it was fucking great!!!

Heavy Metal and Speed Metal are genres with big names and long tradition in Germany, is Stallion one of those bands to take it back to the best times?

It´s no secret that we have been strongly inspired by big bands like Accept, Running Wild, Scorpions, Warrant and many more but we definitely try to do our own thing with the music although it´s important to salute the great old ones, I guess. We will see what the future brings but I would never say it´s easy to climb the fucking Rock Olymp, haha.

Hahaha, not easy yeah You have signed by High Roller Records, those guys have a real cool roster, a good place to be, isn’t it?

Totally, we are very happy to be part of this great family. There heart is old school as fuck and that´s just the perfect label for us to be on since they have the same passion for vinyl as we have, fuck yeah.

Stallion could be included in a selected club of young bands like Enforcer, Ram, Cauldron, Night Demon, Lunar Shadow, etc, that make you feel the Metal will always be there…

It´s cool to have so many good young generation bands out there and to be part of what many people call the «New Wave of traditional Heavy Metal» makes us proud. It´s also cool to meet all these bands at festivals and concerts we play, that makes you feel like your part of a big family and I enjoy that very much!

Are you preparing a tour to promote “From The Dead”? Any intention to invade & conquer Spain?

We are checking out some touring possibilities at the moment and if we are going to tour we will definitely come back to Spain again. We had such a good time with all the Spanish Maniacs out there so we definitely have to come back. You guys are one of the most die hard fans and audiences in Europe so just can´t wait to be back, hell yeah.

Yeah \m/ Thank you very much Pauly and congratulations for your good work!

It was my pleasure, thank you very much for the interview and I hope to meet you somewhere around or maybe at a Stallion Show, someday. All the best for you guys!

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