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Interview with SVARTIDAUÐI

by Vpower

Svartidaudi_1_Void _RevelationsThe Band: Svartidauði

Country: Iceland




On the 3rd of December 2018, six years to the day after the apocalypse, Svartidauði will unleash their long awaited sophomore full length “Revelations of the Red Sword”. A few lines with the guys to talk about it, Svartidauði’s universe all the way.


Hello guys, to talk of Svartidauði is to talk about the great scene of nowadays Iceland black metal

We do not concern ourselves with this trend about Iceland and Icelandic blackmetal, it’s not important for us at all. Great art transcends all geographical borders. While there are quite a few bands here that I truly like and consider our brothers and allies, but at the same time this trend gives attention to a few worthless bands that have nothing to offer, neither musically or spiritually but are able to get noticed simply because of the success and hard work of us and a few other bands.

We had to wait 6 years for your sophomore album, although with 3 eps in the middle, a long wait, isn’t it?

Time is an illusion. Svartidaudi has never been a band that rushes into things without strategy and planning. There is more filth waiting, hidden in the shadows, to be unleashed upon the world soon. Poisonous fungi needs time to grow. Since Flesh Cathedral was released we’ve done quite a few tours, played countless festivals, had line up changes and on top of that our private, dysfunctional personal lives and other projects.

Time is a trick, true as hell. This second effort goes out through German label Ván Records, another recognition of your good work

Svartidauði 1Ván records has released many of my favourite albums  in the past years we it’s a great honour for us to sign with them and to stand along side so many artists that inspire us and are truly our brothers and sisters in blood and spirit.

A stunning artwork by David Glomba, what’s the symbolism behind it?

The cover depicts the qlipha of Thagirion, the solar sphere of the tree of knowledge / the nightside of the tree of life. The paintings and other artwork in the album are based of the lyrics, who all deal with themes of fire and solar winds.

When did you start preparing the songs for “Revelations of the Red Sword” and how was all the process?

Over the past years we’ve written enough unreleased songs to fill few albums. While making Revelations of the Red Sword we simply choose those six songs as we felt they’d make the strongest album as a whole and carried an atmosphere fitting to the ideological concept and themes of destructive creation. The oldest song is from 2012, while the youngest was only finished few weeks before we started to record the album.

Six songs and almost 50 minutes, it talks well about the broad spectrum of sounds and turns we are gonna find

Every album should take the listener on a journey, the landscape of Svartidaudi’s journey is an ever changing, fractal labyrinth of burning horrors and nuclear wastelands.

After the good reviews for previous releases, this second album was harder to achieve than expected, kind of a higher responsibility?

It was a conscious effort from the start of the processes to not make Flesh Cathedral part2, that would’ve been too easy for us so we welcomed the challenge to go down a different path then before.  

Next step for Svartidauði is…?

World domination

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