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Interview with TERRIFIANT

by Vpower

The Band: Terrifiant

Country: Belgium

Answers: ZZ Slop (guitar)



Debut album from Belgium’s TERRIFIANT with their distinctive brand of rough-and-ready metal that gangs up on NWOBHM as well as U.S. and metal from the Far East!
A great display of energy and attitude that will not leave you cold. Beware of TERRIFIANT!

Hello ZZ, Terrfiant is your debut album, but before talking about it we would like to know a little more about Terrifiant. When was the band formed?

ZZ Slop: I guess about two or three years ago!? Probably three now. My memory is hazy.

With the info I have, the band was originally formed by Lord Terrifiant and ZZ Slop and later on you completed the band with a drummer and a second guitar. How easy was that search for new pals?

ZZ Slop: A lot easier than I originally anticipated. Turns out I’m quite popular amongst the Belgian miscreants and trouble makers. The hardest part was finding a suitable bass player. We all knew Sniffany since day one, he just took a little more convincing than the others.

In 2019 you released a demo with 2 songs which seems to be included in your debut album. They are the same songs or they have some new arrangements?

ZZ Slop: They’re the same songs pretty much but re-recorded and played differently. Or at least my parts probably are because I never fukking remember what I’ve played previously.

How was the composition and recording of «Terrifiant»?

ZZ Slop: Composing the songs was relatively painless thanks to Alcoloic’s never ending energy levels. That bastard never says no to a jam or rehearsal and I fukking love him for it. Recording in hindsight was easy enough as well, although at the time it was done in a stop/start fashion which tested my patience a bit but I am an incredibly impatient individual and once I start work I just want to keep going until everything is done. Apparently there’s something called Labour Laws and Human Rights though so you can’t just continually crack the whip, which again was probably for the best in this case because the end result speaks for itself really.

We could say that you have a speed metal based sound but with touches of heavy metal and even some rock?

ZZ Slop: You can say whatever you want mate, that’d be a very fair description though.

Oh! One thing is clear, Lord Terrifiant’s voice is a driving force inside the band, dark and even kind of deliciously crazy in some moments, really cool

ZZ Slop: …and that’s why we call him the Lord. Honestly it was my partner in crime who pushed me into doing this project with him. She immediately saw all the potential that neither myself or the illustrious Lord TerrifianT were aware of and thank fukk she did because fukk knows what I’d be doing today without this band. He never sang in a band before this but one thing that man has is an incredible encyclopedic knowledge of ALL things metal. It’s crazy! I personally don’t understand how he can know so much on the subject yet he does and it’s that knowledge that makes him stand out I think.
He’s never done this before but already knows what he’s doing 100%…if that makes sense!?

Amazing. By the way he has chosen the pseudonym Lord Terrifiant, any meaning behind it?

ZZ Slop: Oh he didn’t choose shit, he was christened.

Oh yeah. I also like the way you control the tempo, mixing powerful rythms with some atmospheric or melodic pauses

ZZ Slop: I think I’ll take the compliment. I like my dynamics in all music. If every song was 157bpm we would all be bored as fukk after the third track. For me songwriting is always a case of “simple but not stupid”, a good song doesn’t need to be overly complicated or technical. It just needs to work or at least to resonate with me because if i’m feeling it then I know others will too.

NWOBHM as well as U.S. metal flow throughout the album, which one you are more fond of?

ZZ Slop: My preference will always be a good fukking tune regardless of geogrpahy. I’m too old to play favourites these days. Either way you look at it, Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy weren’t from either England or America. End of story!

Point for you. The cover art is inspiring, how do you interpret it?

ZZ Slop: The cover art was exactly what I had imagined in my head before giving the brief over to our resident artist Seresian Cobra who in turn then produced everything without fault just way better than I ever could have pictured. Essentially it’s the Lord holding back his Agents of Terror. He did our logo the same way, I had a very, very loose idea and twenty minutes later was in possession of one of the finest metal logos I’d seen in some time. The guy is remarkable! And I was a big fan of his style from seeing his work with the Dikasterion stuff. He just “gets it” or at least he gets me and my ridiculous requests straight away. Can’t recommend him enough, a real pleasure to work with.

What are the lyrics about?

ZZ Slop: They vary in topics from sex, drugs and rock’n’roll to rock’n’roll, drugs and sex.. What I can tell you is that each song title with the exception of Just Because I Can, we read off the sides of trucks that we’d see on the motorways when we were on tour (with different bands). It kind of became a game between us and some friends, anytime someone somewhere saw something ridiculous on the side of a truck it’d be written down or photographed and added to the list. That’s where all the titles came from.

The album contain 8 songs which offer a varied array of compositions, that makes the album really enjoyable, time flies with every song and suddenly you realize you have to play it again! One of those songs is a cover of a Pat Benatar’s song, how or why did you choose it?

ZZ Slop: My old man always said it was good to have a few covers down with bands because if you didn’t have anything to work on you could always warm up with them. He told me this when I was about 12 and it’s stuck with me ever since. Every band I’ve ever played in always have a few covers up our collective sleeve so to speak and TerrifianT was no exception. I chose the song because a) it’s a fukking banger of a tune and b) I fukking love Pat Benatar.

This is a great debut album, are you thinking to promote it live or with some video or whatever?

ZZ Slop: As it stands now we’ve probably already turned down more gigs then we’ve played but I’m OK with that. We’re all incredibly busy individuals outside of this band, we all play in several different bands as well.

Belgium is not the biggest market for Metal, although it has its tradition, are you more oriented to other countries like Germany?

ZZ Slop: Hah! The only thing I’m orientated to is having a fukking good time! I could give a fukk whatever country that happens to be in.

Hahaha, Thanks for your answers and sincerity, if you wish to add something…

ZZ Slop: Thank YOU for the attention and time, it’s very much appreciated.

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