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fORESHADOWING BANDThe Band: The Foreshadowing

Country: Italy

Answers by: Francesco Sosto (Keyboards & backing vocals)





It’s almost here, just a few days ahead, on April 22nd The Foreshadowing’s new album, «Seven Heads Ten Horns», will be on the streets, and there is much to talk about it and the band. The fourth masterpiece by Italian Dark/Goth/Doom-masters THE FORESHADOWING. They work hard and I would say the pay attention to every detail, always thinking it can be improved, a constant request for perfection. They may be not be perfect (who is?), but they are a great band and their new album gathers all the necessary to be a boom.

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Hello Francesco, this is your first studio album with Giuseppe Orlando (ex-Novembre) on drums. Now that he is not reading…, how has the new guy fitted the band?

I think Giuseppe has given a lot not only as for the performance but also in terms of songwriting and sound engineering. He played an active role in both aspects, for instance, he composed part of the music for the track «Fall of Heroes» together with me and Alessandro and provided several valuable suggestions for the album arrangement. In addition, as a sound engineer, his presence was essential during the whole process of mixing and mastering with the Hertz Studio, since it has been able to provide useful guidelines for the basic sound we wished for this album, without neglecting any detail. As a drummer I would say he maintained his own style adapting it to our needs. At the beginning it wasn’t easy because he used to play quite different things with his previous bands, then with time he managed to acquire our own sound.

The Foreshadowing is a band that we could name as a winning horse, you know every album they release is always a must listen and a must buy. Do you feel the pressure?

Honestly speaking I’d say no, and just as well, it’s for the best … if we were a mainstream band maybe we’d probably have much more pressure during the release of an album … Fortunately, at least from this point of view, we’re a band from the underground metal scene and usually in these cases there’s always the feeling to support the quality of a work … this is very important for us because I believe every artist needs to take his time when he makes an album and a band should not be subjected to strict deadlines.an album, is after all, a piece of art and it deserves his time to be realized.

You are from Italy but the album has been mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio, Bialystok, Poland. Any especial reason for that or you just did your work and left it in other’s hands?

The main reason for which we chose the Hertz Studio was his excellent price/quality ratio. Since we wished a more powerful guitar sound for this album we wanted a studio with a first-class equipment, just like Hertz Studios; but at the same time they’ve got very affordable prices for any band. I think the Wisławski bros. have been professional and gave a great contribution, especially in terms of guitar sound. Actually we had some problems with them because they didn’t respect the deadline for having the whole mixing ready, but it’s not been such a big problem. What was important for us was basically the basic sound for guitars, bass and drums. All the rest, like keyboards  chorals and vocals has been completed by Giuseppe (Orlando) at his Outer Sound Studio.

the foreshadowingThe CD will be released as a beautiful digipack with the cover art designed by no less than Seth Siro Anton, a guy that has worked previouly for bands like Paradise Lost, Nile, Soilwork, Moonspell or Vader. Another proof that you play in the big league…

More importantly I think we appreciate and try to collaborate with those people working for the big league, just like Seth, because we hope one day to be ourselves in the big league. Honestly I would not say that we’ve got this status, in that case we’d probably be on tour eight months a year, and for us this is still not the case.

Francesco, I think all of you have worked hard for a long time in this new album, how satisfied are you with the result?

We’re really satisfied. Besides, after four years being happy with this job is a must … very often when we listen again to the album there’s always a tendency to say, «hmm, maybe we could improve this passage or maybe it should have been longer» or «this fade-out is too short or too long»or anything like that. I think this attitude is in the nature of whatever musician, but sometimes you need to contain yourself, otherwise it becomes a tunnel you can’t escape from. There’s a beginning and an end for each album, as it’s right.

I share your view 100%, it also happens also to me when preparing questions for an interview or an article. This «Seven Heads Ten Horns» is your fourth album, regarding your last works are we going to find something different, some new taste?

Sure thing: first of all, there will be not only elements from the gothic-doom, but much more. I’d say in general this album may be defined as a hybrid of different genre, in which you can find folk, ambient, synth pop or world music. There will be many atmospheric passages, but we didn’t forget the powerful and massive sound thanks to the excellent work on guitars and drums. Obviously, I hope these new solutions will be appreciated not only from our aficionados, but also by those who accused our previous albums to be not innovative and not original. I cannot tell whether this album is original or not, but it has still a great personality.

I think»Seven Heads Ten Horns» will no disappoint the fans, it has the melancholy, the atmospheres, some epic moments and even folk elements, everything that one can expect from guys like you

Well, actually with this album we hope to win over new fans, especially those are most stranger from metal, because I think our music has the potential to be appreciated also by another type of audience. Let’s gonna see.

A really Interesting comment. As I said before, if you pay attention you realize that every song has so much work, every song is like a fantastic travel or story, right?

I agree, in fact, the idea that has developed around this album was already very complex in itself and that’s for this reason we wanted to achieve a more complex album than usual. Especially  for keyboards, for instance, it has been realized a massive work, as well as in general it wasn’t overlooked any detail. Not only with regard to arrangements but also to the technical aspect, this album was definitely the most difficult to achieve. One of the album features is that there are many passages containing guitar solos, much more than in previous albums, some of these are technically very valuable (in this regard, I recommend you to listen to New Babylon, that’s my favourite one of the whole album).

The song «Nimrod» is the clear example of that, 14 minutes of travel in time, how did you get to design and compose it?

Nimrod is our first real attempt to create a «suite» although this term is inappropriate for this song. Actually one of the features of a suite is having a main recurring theme throughout the song and this is not Nimrod case. We might say It’s more like a story made up of 4 chapters, I personally like to see it this way, and anyway it’s been an interesting experimental and however well managed attempt. The song theme is the Tower of Babel and it’s seen simply from our perspective with a structural logic that tries to follow the story plot, just like we had wanted to create a soundtrack for it, that’s all. It is composed in 4 parts, the first and the third one (The Eerie Tower & Collapse) are distinguished from one another, the second part (Omelia) is a kind of interlude and the final part is an outro with a unique theme repeating endlessly like a mantra going in fade out. Originally The Eerie Tower and Collapse had to be inserted in the album as tracks in their own right, by the way they were two tracks we realized in different periods and had nothing in common, but then we decided to combine them to create, in fact, a kind of «Suite». I believe we all agree with the fact that this song is the best one of the entire album.

So complex as inspiring, true. When composing, is there any guy who works more than the others? Who makes the «script», if we can name it as that?

Basically Alessandro (Pace) and I write all the songs on the album, whereas I deal with. Occasionally the other band members do take part in the songwriting: for instance, Giuseppe (Orlando) wrote together with us the music of Fall of Heroes, and Andrea (Chiodetti) wrote the bridge of Lost Soldiers. As for the lyrics, Marco likes proposing from time to time some of his lyrics, as he also did in the previous albums. In this case he wrote the whole text of «Fall of Heroes» and together we wrote «Two Horizons». However, I should point out this aspect is limited only to the songwriting, if it comes to arrangement the work is often done with the 6 of us during the rehearsals.

The Foreshadowing have a long record of touring dates in their boots, you have gone around with bands such as Moonspell, Marduk, Saturnus and many others. I suppose you will get «into the van» once again, right?

Our will is to get on a van as soon as possible, but unfortunately, this is far beyond our control. It depends primarily on how much people around us are going to support us, as for the rest of us, we never backed in the past and we will not do it now if we will have the opportunity.

By the way, you are an international phenomenon in all the extension of the term, even you have succeed in the US and Canada by the hand of the agency Rock The Nation Usa, how do you feel about that?

Rock the Nation USA has done a great job for our tour in America and we cannot forget their contribution by supporting «Second World». Now we have a new album, therefore our intention is to perform once again in America, since the american metalheads have enjoyed our songs and in particular our performances. Overall, we expect that Rock the Nation USA wants to support us once again just as in that case.

After the releasing of your new jewel and the supposed very extensive tour, do you have in mind some vacations or you will continue feeding the fire?

forshadowing video clipThere is no time to chill out or get relaxed at the moment, we must strike while the iron is hot. In the first place, we have to work on the promotional aspects of the album since it will be released very soon and besides the idea of arranging an upcoming tour there are still many other things to organize, such as the making of a videoclip and other interesting collaborations we’ll announce on our facebook page soon. I think during these four years we had a lot of time to rest, now it’s time to work hard on this album and we won’t stop at all between now and the end of season.

As one of the most recognized Italian bands, how do you see the Metal scene in your country?

My opinion is that the metal scene is very followed but it’s still poorly supported. As for the Italian bands, many are indeed talented, but in general I always notice there is a lot of envy and hypocrisy in the environment. I hope I’m wrong but I have often this sensation. On one hand there’s still a tendency to esterophily, although I must say that lately there have been some exceptions. On the other hand I must say the interest towards the Italian bands has grown up, but it’s still limited to certain bands … I would like this renewed interest in supporting the made-in-Italy-metal might also extend to other Italian bands who constantly try to improve the italian metal quality.

Francesco, thank you for your time, it was a pleasure to have this conversation with you, and from Metalbrothers.es we wish The Foreshadowing a very successful tour, hopefully around Spain too!

Thanks a lot for your interview, it was a pleasure! I invite all the readers to listen carefully to our new album and support us. We hope to come in Spain for some gigs very soon, we’ve never played there and it would be a blast! Doom on ++++

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