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Interview with TRAVELER

by Vpower

The Band: Traveler

Country: Canada

Answers: Matt Ries (guitar)





Highly anticipated second album from Canadian true metal TRAVELER. With almost no time to digest their wonderful debut they are back with another classic metal attack. The buzz on TRAVELER reverberated throughout the international metal community in 2019. TRAVELER also proved their worth in the live arena, actively playing dates in their native Canada, the United States and also on Germany’s Keep It True festival.

Hello Matt, last year you released your fantastic debut album that was very well received by the Metal community. This year you published your highly anticipated second album. All of them are new songs or some are remains from last year?

Thank you for the kind words! Shaded Mirror and Termination Shock were the songs I have been sitting on for a while. It just took a bit of time to decide how to go about them. But we are very happy how everything turned out.

If we look at the cover artwotk the similarities with your previous album is clear

We kept the same theme going since the title track Termination Shock is a continuation story of Starbreaker. We aren’t sure how far we will take this concept right now. But I believe it’s best not to have all the art look the same.

Your debut album was quite like a bomb, a surprise a year later?

We definitely wanted to keep the momentum going. It’s always a shame when a band releases a great album, only to wait years or sometimes longer to hear anything new. I’ve dealt with that a lot in previous bands. So I want to keep writing and having fun as much as I can.

So, on Termination Shock we find the same style, why to change what works very well, right?

Yeah, I think we branched off into some newer territory on this record. But not too far off. This style is what I’ve loved for as long I can remember. So I don’t think you’ll be hearing any grunge albums come out of us in the future, haha.

We still find the old-school riffing, rafter-reaching vocals and dueling lead guitars

Well, like I said. That’s what we love! So that’s what we’ll do

How long have you worked in the new album, it was a harder process compared to your debut?

We challenged ourselves on this one for sure. The process was a lot different since this album had a collaboration of ideas from JP, Dave, and our friend JP Fortin of Deaf Dealer. A couple of the songs we wrote completely backwards. But in the end it all turned out how we wanted it to be. This is proving to be a winning formula.

Matt you continue to be the soul of the band in terms of composition

For the most part, yeah. But I want everyone to bring their ideas to the table. It’s important to find that chemistry. So I think it’ll just get better from here.

You have played in Canada, the United States and also Europe. With the coranivirus it seems we will have to wait to enjoy the new songs on stage

Hopefully not too long! We have some plans in the works for next year. But right now, it’s a waiting game. I hope we can play again this year.

Although I think your first album is better than Termination Shock, we still find great anthems as Diary of a Maiden, the magic is still there

I really wasn’t sure how people would receive this one. I try not to think about it. But I’m happy to hear people have already been picking their favorites from it. I guess we did something right, eh?

Sure enough. What are the lyrics about?

JP was inspired by the 2018 movie The Favorite. And wrote the lyrics based around that. I’d probably butcher the synopsis, so watch the movie! It’s great.

We are living hard times with the coronavirus all around the world. How are you dealing with the situation daily as a band? Has it changed your life?

I think we’re all feeling the effects in different ways. All of our life styles are very different right now. I’m the only one with a job right now (knock on wood). But all we can do is wait until this thing goes away. There’s no sense stressing about it when it’s completely out of our control. But we aren’t alone and everyone is helping out any way they can.

Will this new virus change the scene of you think everything will be the same afterwards?

I think we’ll feel the after effects for a while. But I believe it’ll go back to normal. You can’t kill rock n roll.

Hopefully so, Matt. The situation changes from one country to another, how bad is it in Canada?

We are a little behind the curve. So I’m really not sure how bad it’ll get. Right now, in comparison to a lot of countries it’s not that bad. But it seems like it’s getting worse every day.

Thank you very much for your time Matt, wish you good health and success with your new album, if you wish to add something…

Thanks bud! Stay safe out there, folks. We’ll be here in quarantine writing album #3! Cheers.

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