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Interview with TYFON’S DOOM

by Vpower

tyfons doomThe Band: Tyfon’s Doom

Country: Finland

Answers by: Tommi Varsala (all instruments)





Tyfon’s Doom may not be a big name, for now, but it has all the taste the true lovers of NWOBHM and classic heavy/speed metal will much appreciate. It is Tommi Varsala’s creature, the man does everything and does it right, especially on the guitar tasks, he has the skills and the feeling (in my opinion the most important), and he also has a raspy voice very easy to identificate which gives his recordings a especial sound and mark. One again, we talk with Tommi.

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Hello again Tommi, it’s a pleasure to talk to you again after the interview we made last year

Hi Alberto, the pleasure is mine. Hopefully I’ve got something new to tell you.

Sure you will. As it’s good to know that you are still with your foot on the pedal, composing with quality and without stop. You are very creative…

Thanks, of course I’m still writing music! If I remember correctly, I promised you that the first demo wasn’t going to be the last release and neither will be “Yeth Hound”.

Yes, last year you released Demo’15. Only a few months later you present your new EP, “Yeth Hound”. In your opinion, is there some big difference between those recordings?

Well, I think that “Yeth Hound” is a bit heavier and the production is much better also, even though some people still seem to have some problems with it. Anyway, I like and it so do many others so I’m satisfied with it. Musically they are more or less the same but in my opinion, “Yeth Hound” is much more advanced than the first demo.

tyfons_doom1The new songs were more or less ready when you published “Demo’15” or you developed them afterwards?

Only “Rockers” was fully composed at the time I recorded the first demo, so it could have been on the demo instead of the new EP. I just felt like it wasn’t ready by the time and I’m glad I didn’t release that version of it since it was a bit different and kind of shitty. Also, some riffs in “Galactic Flash” are already a few years old but otherwise everything is composed after the digital release of Demo ’15.

I feel this “Yeth Hound” is not so much in the vein of speed metal as your previous recording but it’s clear also your love for the nwobhm sound

Actually, I think it’s vice versa. In my opinion, “Yeth Hound” is much faster and heavier than the first demo which was more like Hard Rock or something. Song material might be pretty much the same on both records but the difference probably comes from the equipment I used. Anyway, Heavy Metal is the way to go, fast and slow.

I would like to underline the track “Gate to New Reality”, more than 8 minutes of heavy metal, some speed metal and epic sound, in my opinion the best song in the EP

Most of the people who has kindly given their comment about the EP has had the same opinion as you have. “Gate to New Reality” is without a doubt a song that I’m very proud of, but if I had to choose, I think that the title track of the EP is still the best one and “Gate to New Reality” follows very closely behind. “Gate to New Reality” is probably the most complex song that I’ve composed and it’s still pretty solid entirety, so I can see why it’s highlighted so often.

Another thing that doesn’t change is that you stay alone against the elements. Do you still want to keep Tyfon’s Doom as a solo project or do you have in mind to get new people on board?

The answer is still yes. This issue is strongly associated with playing live. As long as Tyfon’s Doom is not playing live, I don’t have any necessity for a crew. I can do everything by myself and it’s actually easier that way. However, a drummer would be very helpful with future recordings but I’m still not sure if I’ll use a drum machine or not anymore.

By the way, I have come to know that you have signed for the prestigious label Cruz del Sur Music. How did it happen and how do you feel about it?

Yeah, that’s right. Actually, I’ve signed for the sub-label of Cruz del Sur Music: Gates of Hell Records, which at this point seems more suitable option. I didn’t have any goals with the first demo, so that time I didn’t even consider releasing the demo on tape format until I got contacted by Impious Desecration Records. This time I wanted to make some progress with the project, so I decided to ask around if someone would be interested in releasing the EP. Cruz del Sur Music was one of the best options, so I have to say that I was very happy when they responded. Right now I could not be more excited. The release is going to be a killer!

I think this signing means that Tyfon’s Doom goes ahead with all consequences, taking no prisoners…

Something like that… I’m just doing the best I can – writing good songs for those who are interested.

Are you going to make some live appearance now that you have composed enough material for a gig?

I can’t see any live shows in the horizon and there’s a couple of reasons for that. Firstly, I’m still a guitarist, not a singer. The singing could be probably considered as some kind of a trademark of this project, so it would be pretty impossible to find anyone who has the same kind of voice. Secondly, I very rarely practice singing, and on the record I’m pretty much going all out, so the voice wouldn’t last the whole gig. The last thing is that frankly I can’t sing and play guitar at the same time and only singing is no option for me. It probably wouldn’t be too difficult to get over these problems but right now I don’t have enough time for practicing. Anyway, I do have enough instrumental material to play for few hours so that wouldn’t be a problem!

Interesting and, as you say, no problem that cannot be solved. After two EPs the question is mandatory: when are we going to get a full-length from Tyfon’s Doom?

Should it be the next one? Maybe. First, I would like to release a split album with some band to get more exposure, but if I manage to keep the quality and write enough songs for a full-length in a reasonable amount of time, a full-length album is not impossible. Only one thing is sure and it’s the fact that a full-length isn’t going to be released in 2016.

I suppose for the moment Tyfon’s Doom is a passion and you cannot make a living of it, but you think this can change in the future?

There’s no way I could make a living of this and that’s probably not going to change, not with this kind of music. And for money, I’m not going to change the way I’m doing this. The ideal situation would be that with a profits of a previous album I could make another one. I’m not even sure if I could be a full time musician. The ideas will come if they will, not by force. The moment this becomes too serious, the passion becomes a job, it will turn to shit.

That’s true. A curiosity: I couldn’t find any portrait of yourself, will you ever disclose your identity or will you become a nwobhm superhero hahaha?

Haha! I would gladly wear a mask and be a heavy metal superhero but there will be a portrait in the physical release of “Yeth Hound” so it’s too late for that. The less photos the better, so I’ll just keep the amount in the minimum.

Between us, I don’t like photos either, but anyway, for the fan that is another reason to buy the EP release from Gates of Hell Records 🙂  And finally Tommi, what are your plans for the future?

I haven’t thought too far. If I manage to write enough music and produce a little bit better sound, then I’ll make the full length album. As far as I can see, Tyfon’s Doom is going to be a non-gigging one man project, hiding under ground and every once in a while coming up with a new heavy metal release.

And we will be here to spread it like wildfire. Thanks again for answering our questions (you see, you have many new things to tell) and wish you all the success you deserve.

Thanks to you!

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