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Interview with VULCANO

by Vpower

Vulcano1The Band: Vulcano

Country: Brazil

Answers by: Zhema Rodero (bass, guitars and founding member)

Photos by: Andrez Truber



Vulcano is kind of a legend in Brazil and a well known band around the world, they need no introduction. They touched the glory with their mystical effort in “Bloody Vengeance”, an album that is seeing now its 30th anniversary. So, it’s a great chance to talk to Zhema Rodero, mastermind and founding member of this long live band, we are proud to have been shavring some minutes of conversation with him and hope you enjoy it too.

vulcano_logoHi! It’s a pleasure to talk to a legend of Brazilian Metal as Zhema Rodero

Hi there! It’ll be a pleasure to answer the questions below, for you and the Spanish readers. So let’s go!

Vulcano_bloody_vengeanceThe main object of this interview, of course, is to talk about the awesome “Bloody Vengeance” album, because next April it will make 30 years. What memories do you have of the time when you were composing “Bloody Vengeance”, Zhema?

Bloody Vengeance was written under the extremely passion for «Black Metal” as it sounds with Venom. In those time we were coming from our previous album “Live!” but with much more rage against political situation and domineering Catholic church, so those elements mixed become raw, frenzied, profane, under-produced, but brilliant form of underground metal 

Before “Bloody Vengeance” you had released only an EP and a demo, “Bloody Vengeance” put you in the map from the very beginning or it was a monster growing with time?

You are right, this album put VULCANO in the foreign metal scene, it happened at the same time in Europe and USA, but you also is right when said it was a monster growing with time, because it’s occurring during every time and continue nowadays. I can’t explain, but it’s a a kind of phenomenon.

With the growth and dominance of thrash metal grooving in the United States, the Europeans became the biggest fans of «Bloody Vengeance» in the world 

I think “Bloody Vengeance” is still probably the most celebrated album by the fans of Vulcano

Certainly! This album became something like a infamous bible for VULCANO which every music critic and reviewers always wait for a new album sounds like Bloody Vengeance, but it’s impossible, because it belongs to its time. Nobody paints Monalisa twice. Anyway, VULCANO have more good albums to listen.Vulcano2

It is one hell of an album, with strength, attitude and combination of extreme thrash, death metal or even proto-black, all labels apply. What do you think?

Great songs delivered with intentionally chaotic savagery, poorly played. Indeed, «Bloody Vengeance», shows the tenuous balance between vision and the primitive unfinished, just about perfect!

By the way, the music was awesome but the covert was at the same level too, how did you get it?

Like I said you, we were revolted with the military dictators and with the church. The best way to show that, it was painting a church in flames with the priest on the ground.

We ask a friend to do that and he and his brother were to a church next my home and did a photograph with his brother fallen in ground, from this photo he painted the cover

We can say an album like this can be in part a blessing and in part a damn, I mean, because everyone will always compare every new work you do with that cult album, right?

Exactly!! This album became a gospel for fans and critical, but a great problem for our creativity.


Always we will be compared to it, whatever our new work! 

Looking back to those years, do you miss something in terms of music, Zhema?

No, I’m totally satisfied and happy with my trajectory in music, I’m really glad with everything I did but I must confess that I still want to play guitar in a Heavy Metal band sung in Portuguese, I have many compositions in this way.

Are you preparing something to celebrate the 30th aniversary of this masterpiece?

The American label GREYHAZE released an special edition in digipak format with six panel etc and a version on vinyl too. Will be released a Picture Disc on LP formato and we’ll start the «Commemorative Anniversary of 30th years» in Mannheim Germany passing through seven countries, including Spain.

Vulcano is a reference in the international scene but in Brazil you can be compared to some kind of divinity, right?

We have our due recognition in our country. But here in Brazil the true headbangers has not only a deity to admire. Here, including me, we have many great bands, the old and new and we like and support them all..

How do you think this “Bloody Vengeance” has influenced the Brazilian Metal or the Metal in general?

I can’t to say exactly, but I think since VULCANO achieved a heightened level of extremity heretofore unmatched by their leading Brazilian companions Dorsal Atlantica, Mutilator, Korzus, Sepultura, and even the perennial favorite Sarcofago’s  I.N.R.I. was still a year away, our «Bloody Vengeance became a great influence for new crop of bands here in Brazil.

A more personal question, how does one person feel or live after giving birth to something that will last forever?

(Laughs!) I’m proud to created a very rough album, not geared to appease heavy metal perfectionists, but rather those who delight a real and outrageous challenging of conventions.

Vulcano3Vulcano is still alive and kicking, your last album is from 2014, “Wholley Wicked”, are you preparing new material?

Yes, we have more than 25 songs composed and arranged, 11 of them already have the drum takes recorded. but we only back to work on it at the end of 2016. Prior to that there is a film production company working on an extensive documentary about VULCANO. It will be a film that promise to show an extensive history of the band.

As founding member of the band, you have been there throughout all these years, there are new faces in the band. How is the Vulcano of the new century compared to the 1986 Vulcano?

Nowadays It’s more easy to work with those guys. In 80’s we were young and we always were in internal battle. I can say you that was very hard convivence, nowadays we meet one time each week for rehearsal and drink a lot of beer, easy … so easy !

What do you think of the Brazilian Metal nowadays?

There is a ton of bands in many styles today here in Brazil, so speaking of Metal style that I like, I can say that the scene is promising. There are great bands doing a great quality Metal. On the other hand it is increasingly difficult to get good shows because of that there is a very large invasion of gringo bands and ends up leaving no room for the Brazilian bands.

Vulcano_ZhemaAnd last, Zhema, what would you tell to all the bands that are starting to walk their path in the metal scene?

Just few words – play live gigs.

Don’t worry with album releases, video clip etc.

Just do as many shows as you can. It’s in concerts that you get your true fan and follower.

Thank you very much for this chance to talk to a legend, Zhema

Thank you guy for opportunity to spread words from VULCANO for your readers and let me say that VULCANO will touring in Spain in May, so hope to see you in a gig! We’ll play in Salamanca, next Galicia. Metal on Metal !!!!!!!!!!!

Great news to finish this interview, Zhema! For sure it will be a hell of a gig, Vulcano rules!

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