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Interview with VULTURE

by Vpower

Vulture-2The Band: Vulture

Country: Germany

Asnwers by: S. Genözider (guitar, drums)




In 2016 this German act released an EP that was good enough to pay them attention. This year, in August 25th VULTURE is delivering their very first full-length album: The Guillotine. They have not only stood their ground in the speed and thrash metal, they have also spiced it with some dark atmosphere, and it tastes very good.

vulture logo

Hello guys, the last time we talked was on 2016 and you had released your EP Victim to the Blade, apart of the new album any changes since them?

Hey there! No, not really. We’ve been busy trying to hold on to our plan of action which we set up with the EP. Nothing out of the ordinary except for the exhausting songwriting phase and recordings to our debut LP and a lot of great live shows.

New album and first full-length on the table, The Guillotine, how do you feel about it?

Great! Finally its done! We’re very confident about how everything turned out and can’t wait to get it out. Very nervous for the feedback we’re about to get, though! We kept pretty close to what we did on our EP,  yet we managed to go steps further in songwriting, as well as production-wise.

Eight songs, classic sound, speed and thrash metal, right?

Exactly. Apart from that, we also got the one or other darker riff and we also started digging a bit deeper into that 70s/80s Synthie-Intro stuff, which we also used for Delivered To Die on our EP.

vulture1All the songs were composed since the publication of your EP or there is some older material?

The title track was written while we recorded the EP. It turned out that this had a rather positive effect on us. Since it’s pretty close to the EP-stuff, but also features different and new elements, it has been a great precursor for the album. The title itself had been in my head for quite a time. We planned on using it for Bulldozing Bastard in the first place, but it fitted the song and also the whole concept of Vulture much better.

I think The Guillotine is a step forward in your sound, you have developed kind of a personal approach and you sound much more mature

I’m also very happy with the solid sound. Our producer Marco Brinkmann, who’s working in the Hellforge Studio did a massive job on ‘The Guillotine’. We’ve been quite happy with the EP-sound already. Our goal was too recreate that, but on a more elaborated and professional level. This turned out to be a difficult task for everyone. Marco was very strict about his ideas of a tight instrumental performence and pushed us to our limits with every single take.

In the mixing phase the tables turned and we pushed him beyond his limits. But each of us managed to get the most out of it. Since Thrash/Speed records in the underground nowadays are not linked to great production, we’re quite sure and very thankful to have something so unique in our hands.

The result is awesome, indeed. What are the lyrics about?

Also lyric-wise, we wandered on the same paths as on our debut EP. We’re singing about murder, our music and about horror themes.

I like the mix you do between speed/thrash metal and a dark and misterious heavy metal ala Mercyful Fate, how did you get to that point?

Mercyful Fate and especially the first King Diamond records have always been fascinating me as a musician. The amount of riffs that’s been put into a song without sounding jammed or pretentious always had an impact on me. It’s a great and precious way of writing music.

vulturePersonally, I like all the staff in the album but my favorite might be Cry For Death, with its heavy metal/speed atmospheric style that summarizes very well the disc. What’s your favorite?

Same for me! We also had the feeling that the song could end up as a great summary of our music at the end of the LP. It features everything I love and varies from melodies over ultra-violent riffs to classical 70s proto-Metal and ends in a great crescendo.

The artwork was done by Velio Josto, an Italian artist, and it is sharp as the album and old style too

Yes! After all, Velio remains as the only choice for us, when it comes to artworks. We try to get something done by him as much as possible. Apart from our to record-covers he painted two shirt designs and an extra logo for us. Very very talented.

The album will be out on August 25th, any promo activity before that date?

In early August we’re releasing a 7″-Single of the opener «Vendetta», for which we’re also about to shoot a video clip. Since video clips are also uncharted territory for us, we’re quite nervous right now! We’re trying to make the most of our budget. Hope it’ll turn out good!

Looking at your pics guys you remind me of Judas Priest with leather, spikes and all that staff, it seems every detail fix with your old school sound, right?

The visual aspect of a band sometimes is as important as the music itself. We’re not about disguising ourselves or acting something that’s not authentic, but a certain dose of leather spikes and chains is always necessary, hehe!

Sure, especially when it comes to a live performance. Now that you have a bunch of songs ready for a set list of your own I suppose it’s time to hit the road, no?

Unfortunately we’re all bound to jobs and we’re all living quite apart from each other. We’re looking forward to a lot of booked shows all across Europe, but I’m afraid we’ll not turn out to be a touring band.

Hopefully that will change with time and success. Any special goals for the future?

Hope to see some cool places across Europa or ever further. We hope to reach as many people as possible with «The Guillotine».

Thank you very much for your attention!

You’re welcome mate! Thanks for the chat!

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