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Interview with WOLVES DEN

by Vpower

The Band: Wolves Den

Country: Germany

Answers: Helge Stang (bass, vocals), Mexx (guitars)




WOLVES DEN! Unleashed with «Miserere», their second album, a hellish ride between melancholy and madness! The insidiously nagging vocals, the precise guitar playing and the hammering drums form the backbone of a sinister demon who will soon vomit over mankind!


Hello guys, «Miserere» is your new album, out on May 15th. The cover artwork makes us think about something different already

Helge: Hola! Yes, finally it will be unleashed … took damn long and the plague added another pile of shit on top (another couple of weeks). But obviously this time the end is near. Hmm, do you see any parallels in the cover artwork to our situation?

«Miserere» is more aggressive than your debut album?

Mexx: That’s right! The songs often reflect the current feelings during the Songwriting, in the last years there was a lot of anger! So this was not „planned“, this came quite naturally.

Helge: Yeah, a little bit more agression. Less songs for the girls. We are all more or less married now, hehe.

How long have you worked on the composition of the new album and how was it?

Mexx: The process already began in 2015 shortly after the release of „Deus Vult“ and was finished in early 2019. How was it? It was natural. We do what we do out of passion, birds fly, fish swim, we create Death and Black Metal.

Helge: The first album had a supertight roadmap, something like 4 month from recording to release. All the time we saved there, we spend on the second album it seems. However, next one will be faster I guess.

What are the main differences with your debut album?

Mexx: From a musical point of view, the whole thing has probably become a bit more homogeneous. In the beginning we only had a rough frame in which the songs were written. In the meantime a certain style has developed. But the basic elements are the same.

The album delivers a great level of melancholy and madness, what element weights more?

Helge: I take this as a compliment, thanks. But to tell the truth: I can’t answer this question. Probably madness. The melancholy is super-represented by Melancholera (another parallel?) but the rest is more … hateful?

We were sincelery surprised by songs like Antaios with its medieval dark ambient. Things like take your music to another level

Helge: Hehe, you should hear the working title… but that is under non disclosure. But it was NOT medieval. However, in that song there came some things together. We wanted to work with the choir again (same guys than on Deus Vult). And we had some very warm weather when I wrote the lines to that song. But to be honest: I don’t think that song is super-special in the Wolves Den scope. We had bigger … experiments before.

All you guys have had experience before in other bands, who contributes more or how you deal with the different ideas from all the guys?

Mexx: we live in a fucking tyranny. Our drummer decides everything. You want to fuck with him, he’ll stick his drumsticks up your ass!

Helge: That is true. Once on the road, he pissed on my face while I was asleep in my bunk. He is something between Karl der Große and Kim Jong Un (for the hair).

Any song especial for you in this new album?

Mexx: «Nachtmahr“ and «Haeresie“! They represent our two sides: the dark epic and the bloody fury.

Helge: I agree.

What are the lyrics about?

Helge: According to the music, it is grief, anger and hate. Sometimes melancholy. To make long stories short: It is about “me against you”. And the church, my speacial friend, they deliver lots of stories (in the past and nowadays) to get really – really mad.

What are your main influences in terms of music?

Helge: You mean for lyrics? Or in general? For both, the answer would be: some dark music from the ’90/’10 decades. But I don’t listen so much to music these days to be honest. I like Rotting Christ! That is a damn good band.

Being from Germany you are defying the power core of North Europe in the black metal scene, or that is not so much nowadays?

Helge: Black Metal is in your heart – damn, that sounds so romantic! Fuck that line. However, I still would consider the North North as the heart of Black Metal. Norway, Sweden. But these days there are good bands everywhere … no need to name some. And what is a border anyways?

Are you a band that enjoys playing live or you are more the Darkthrone type?

Mexx: Live performances are an important part of Wolves Den. We always try to give one hundred percent when we play live. I can hardly imagine anything better: a roadtrip with your buddies and at the end you kick some ass! And then you get wasted.

Helge: Yeah, playing live is the essence of this band! We suck all the energy and motivation from every single gig, chew it, then spit it back. And then, then we get wasted.

We are living hard times everywhere, how are you dealing with the covid-19?

Helge: Since you are from Spain, I rather don´t tell you too much about my daily life these days. I work in homeoffice now, but that’s it basically. I left Munich behind at the beginning of this year, moved to the very remote countryside. Not much people passing by the property. So all good I would say. Our Tyrant as a full time musician has a hard time, but that will pass. As it always does.

Yes, the situation in Spain is awful, hopefully it will pass sooner than later. Any plan for the future or just waiting until the end of the storm?

Mexx: If this „Corona“crisis has taught us anything, it’s that making plans sucks. We will see what the future brings, but you can’t make big plans right now. We will continue to go our way, write new songs and everything else will follow.

Helge: A plan is always only valid until the fist enemy encounter.

At least in Germany the situation doesn’t seem so shocking as in Spain, Italy and others…?

Helge: As I wrote above, we are pretty much fine here. I see the news from Spain, Italy, England, USA … damn, you guys seem to have real trouble.

Yes, this is hell. Thank you very much, if you wish to add something…

Mexx: Thanks for your interest in Wolves Den and for your support! We would be happy to come to spain sometime when all this crap is over. Keep your heads up in these fucked up days! Hailz!

Helge: All the best guys!!! Donda esta my tequila?

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