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Interview with WOMBBATH

by Vpower

The Band: Wombbath

Country: Suecia

Answers: Håkan Stuvemark (guitar)



WOMBBATH was part of the birth of the Swedish Death Metal scene and went into hiatus after a handful of classic releases. Until 2014 when original member and guitarist Håkan Stuvemark felt the urge to play raw old school tunes again. He recruited vocalist Jonny Pettersson and started working on the comeback album “Downfall Rising“. Their new and fourth full-length, “Choirs Of The Fallen”, will not disappoint old and new fans, as Håkan says in the following lines.

Hello Håkan, after some classic albums eventually Wombbath went into hiatus, The Great Desolation being the reborn of the flame, how do you feel about that album after two years?

Hello. I’d like to say one classic album, Internal Caustic Torments and then reborn 2015 with the release of Downfall Rising which is an album I’m very satisified with as with the Great Desolation. I think every album has its own sound and compared to each other they’re unique.

Apart of Wombbath you have not lost time during these years, what has been your more significant project?

The most siginicant must be In Thy Dreams which we released three albums with. After that it’s Skineater that I came up with 2010 and released a fullength 2013 and an Ep 2017 and beside those I have a bunch of interesting projects.

Wombbath is alive and with new blood, what can you tell us about the new faces in the band?

First all they’re all great and very relaxed guys. We all are that. We like it soft, have fun, eat food and son when we team up. Nothing more to say than this is the best team to be!

That is fantastic. Your fourth full-length is Choirs Of The Fallen, when did you start creating the new songs and how was the whole process?

We Must have begun writing songs two years ago, the you hear on the album. Having a bunch of bad songs too. Always write something bad to write something great. The guitars were recorded at Thomas studio and the vocals at Jonnys and the drums too and when we had nailed everything we sent it to Studio Sunlight for mixing.

What role have the new members played in the composition of the album?

Jonny, Thomas and I have written a few songs each and Jon did the drums after his ideas. The bass was recorded by Giuilo Rimol from Deadborn.

What is the main difference in terms of sound between the old Wombbath and the 2020 Wombbath?

Definitely that it sounds more swedish now, since Downfall Rising. It just happened but it’s a few years between the first album and now. Back then it was more UK and US. I don’t have a list of rukes when I’m writing. I fit sounds good comess out and I’m happy with it then it’s Good!

Almost 30 years between your demo Brutal Mights and the new album, still Wombbtah is a death metal cherished by old followers

We have a lot of old and new listeners. When I have checkced statistics the main followers/listeners is about my age, 43. Maybe 37-48.

Listening to Choirs Of The Fallen one thing is undeniable, this is Swedish Death Metal all the way

I do not think it’s swedish all through due the many elements but The swedish old school were in many ways blended with everything!

Yeah, you are right. Apart of the new members, what has been the main changes in your way to see or live Death Metal along these 3 decades?

Nah I’m not thinking or analysing it much. I’m quite relaxed over the hole thing. Nothing so called Trve.

What are the lyrics about?

Jonny is the lysric writer and they’re normally stories made on ideas from swedish folklore.

The cover artwork by Benny Moberg has a mysterious aura that fits perfectly with your music

I think it fits great. We fell for it the first time saw before all adjustments. It goesvery well to the music.

Some general culture for the fans… Please, name a band or an album that have been like a milestone for you in these two decades of the new century…

Oh that’s a very good question. Not sure I can answer that. I’m not the most active listener but maybe not a milestone but absolutely one of my absolute favorite albums, Blood Stain Child’s album Mozaiq. I love the sound, production, everything! It’s a perfect album and not Osdm. I don’t listen much on death metal. I don’t care what it is basically as long as it’s good and it touches me. That’s the point of it all!

Thanks for sharing it with us. Any tour programmed for the months?

We have a few shows planned this year already and one oft hem is at Symbolic Open air in July, Jonny, Matt and I are doing a show with Henry Kane at Pitfest in may as well. Great fest!

Thanks for your attention, if you wish to add something…

I can’t think of anything in particual right now but thanks for this interview!

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