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Interview with ALTARETH

by Hombre Rancio

I have the pleasure to talk with Altareth, a great Swedish doom band. They debut with the ep “Bury your minds in moss”.

altareth 1

How did the band form?

The band started out when Wicked Nick (guitars) contacted Pounding Rollings (drums) and wanted to test some song ideas. Rollings and Nick played together in another band a couple of years before forming the band Altareth. The other band members (Swempa, Magic Paddy, Julle) joined the band during 2014.

You make your debut with “Bury your minds in moss”, what can you say me about it?

It’s a mix of heavy riffs and melodic vocals. The songs on the EP was formed during fall of 2014. The fall in Sweden is very inspiring when it comes to writing dark music one could say.

The band was formed nine years ago, what did it change in the way to compose?

Well, we just thought it was fun setting the date for creation on our Facebook page to the date 666 so the band was to be created June 6th 2006. We were actually formed 2013, or in with the current lineup since 2014. The process since the start has been to feel our way towards the depths of doom, reaching further into the darkness and mystery but without losing the groove so to speak. We want to sound heavy but not to copy masters of doom like Electric Wizard or for that matter the great grandmasters Black Sabbath.

Which are your musical references?

We are inspired by many great artist. But as you can hear in our music there’s a wide spectra of influences such as the original Black Sabbath band, Electric Wizard, Sleep and new bands like uncle acid, Salem’s pot, Pallbearer and Windhand. But we also mix a lot of Swedish and Scandinavian music (Entombed, Opeth, Darkthrone and Meshuggah) in there as well to brew our very own brand of doom. And of course there are the classics like the original Alice Cooper band, Thin Lizzy, Neil Young and a lot of other bands from the 60s, 70s & 80s. Although we are not a retro band we appreciate a lot of the old bands and recordings. Back then rock and metal bands sounded like hard and heavy music is supposed to.

altareth 2

I like your sound, how was the recording process?

Even if we know the new technology of amp simulation and drums sampling, we don’t like to use them, except sometimes at home just for fun or just to record some idea before forgetting it. So in the recording process we used real cranked up tube heads, real speakers, some pedal effect and real drums…. yes real drums, nowadays is really common to recognize the sounds of the drum samples of a famous Swedish brand in a lot of metal records, but we prefer the sounds of our drummer with all the pros and cons that we can get from that. At the beginning of the recording we had a little discussion with the sound engineer to get the guitar sound we had in mind, and after a pair of tests we got what we was looking for. We are pretty satisfied with the results we got with a low budget.

How do you see the doom scene?

Firstly, rock and metal always find new ways of self-innovation. And doom is but the most recently developed species of metal to see the light of day. Secondly, since the heydays of death-and black metal there has been a search for new ways of artistic expression in metal that is true to the spirit of the genre. Doom musicians tend to take this call towards sincerity very serious, often represented by the worship of The RIFF as the most important path towards transcendence. Today the scene is very much like ’let a thousand flowers bloom’, but not in the sense that it is forgiving but that it appreciate originality like it is supposed to be.

altareth 3

My favorite song is night, which would you choose and why?

It’s always hard to pic one out but I´ll go with “Circles” I think it’s perfectly balanced when it comes to dynamics and heaviness.

How can I get your album?

At the moment it’s only digitally distributed via our bandcamp site but we are aiming to make a release on CD and vinyl soon.

Which are the future plans of the band?

Our plan is to continue writing great music and enjoy it. We also aim at playing as many gigs we can worldwide.

Altareth doom stoner band, a great new album, I recommend it, thank for the interview, do you have something to add?

We would like to thank all of our supporters for making us what we are. It’s their interest and commitment in our music that makes us continue to write great songs.


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