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Interview with MESCALERA

by Hombre Rancio

Its a pleasure talk to russian Thrash band Mescalera. Matrix Has You is their new album, a very great work.

mescalera 1

Hi guys, let’s talk a little about the beginnings of the band. How was Mescalera created?

Dob: Hi! Everything was kinda ordinary for such stories… I found Roman via my friend while looking for a guitar player to jam for a bit. The first thing we found out was that we love the same music. And, you know, we just started playing, trying to write some music together, and then we just decided to not give it up and find out what would happen. So, here we go, we have two albums recorded, and we are insanely glad about this, and at this moment we are going to revv it up!

What differences are between your first demo and your new work «Matrix Has You»?

Roman: The second album is much more mature, we became more skilled.

Dob: For me, the main thing is the process. The first record was born under stress. We had this serious quarrel, everyone had their own thoughts on the band’s progress, and so on. But in the end, when we heard the result, we said in unison – “…damn, we actually are capable of something”.

It was completely different with the second recording. We took everything under our control from the beginning till the very end.

mescalera 2

I Like very much the agressive riffs in your work, the band mixed crossover, Thrash, very great job, What do you think?

Dob: Mescalera: Yeah, dude, we like it, too J

Roman: Yeah, you know, you are not the first to notice the good riffs, and, as an author, I’m happy to hear this. It’s really important for me to have elaborate, groovy, sometimes broken riffs. And, of course, we try to reach old-school thrash in terms of overall sound.

Dob: It’s important for me that it has this Bay Area spirit, because it’s the music I fell in love with for real. This is true happiness to have a charge of metal and rock’n’roll at the same time. Nowadays, when heavy music sounds like technique practices, bands from Bay Area sound very cool even now. I like to call this thrash’n’roll! And I’ll never get bored by it.

How was the design and creation process of the album?

Dob: We took everything under our control from the beginning to the end. This time we knew what we want in terms of power, in terms of instruments’ sounding and the overall sound. We became united, and didn’t slack off from the work.

Roman: We aren’t 18-20 years old anymore, but we are still possessed with ideas, full of strength and ambitions, we want more fun and rock’n’roll! I’d call this our strong side.

In your opinion, which are the stronger points of the band?

mescalera 3Dob: I think that the band exists and evolves is exactly its’ strong point. That we have this huge urge to express ourselves not only in the studio, but also on stage. As a matter of fact, we’ll start a Russian tour very soon, month long, 17 cities to play in. It’s going to be our first long tour.

What are your musical influences?

Dob: If we are talking about bands from the childhood, and those I still admire to this day, that’d be Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Motorhead. Yes, these three had the most influence on me.

Roman: All of them.

Dob: I like to play fast-paced songs like “Bloodstained” at gigs, but I would show something more melodic to my mom J

My Favourite Song is Kingdom Come, what is yours?

Den: The most fun to play is “Kingdom Come”, the best to listen to is “Bloodstained”.

mescalera 4

What themes do you touch in your lyrics?

Dob: Roman would be the best guy to answer this one.

Roman: I’m very fond of Chuck Palahniuk. Almost all lyrics on the first album was based on his creations. The second album has only one song that relates to this author, it is ‘Nightmare Box’, actually. Other songs consist of various things like violence, cruelty, environment pollution, insanity, striving for freedom, and so on.

How do you see the current scene of the Thrash in your country?

Roman: We have this old-school thrash metal band in our city, we always respected them, and always will. They are alive for a shitload of years, they have fans all over country, and they supported Megadeth in Moscow, and we can only dream about this for now.

How can the fan get your album?

Dob: It’s as simple as that: it’s free to download at https://mescalera-official.bandcamp.com/releases. If they’d like to have a CD, it can be ordered by e-mail mescaleraofficial@gmail.com

What are your future plans?

Roman: Get wasted until you can’t remember your own name.

Dob: We want to play our music worldwide. Continue to express ourselves as a band, reach new heights, have fun playing gigs and meeting fans, and what do bands usually do.

Thank you very much and congratulations for your great work. If you wish to add something, go ahead…

Well, thank you, Hugo, for the interview, that was fun. And thank you, guys and gals, for reading it. Till next time! Cheers!

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