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by Pescaíto Thrasher

Country: Portugal

Band: All Against

Line up:
Ricardo Tito – Drums
Bruno Romão – Rhythm Guitar
Ennio Alessandro – Lead Guitar
Emanuel Carmo – Bass
Rui Miguel – Vocals

Album: Feed The Machine

Track list:
1. Strip you to the bone
2. Feed the machine
3. Weapons of mass distraction

Biography: All Against came together from the desire of Bruno Romão, who after experiences in the bands Pura Repressão and Advogado do Diabo, hardcore / punk bands, decided to venture himself into composition in a genre that captivated him a lot. For this he joined with Luis Silva in the bass and Cristiano Estevão on the drums, who has experience in the band Derrame and it was with this trio that the first songs got created. Subsequently and after some search André Carvalho joined the solo guitar and the band finally found a musical and evolutionary consistency. Finally, after about a year of rehearsing and with a change in the singer we have found the voice we needed with Rui Miguel. Recorded 1 EP «Medusa» and 1 live album.

In May 2018 Luis Silva need to leave the band for personal reasons, but he still recorded the bass for the EP – Feed The Machine Emanuel Carmo answered to the calling, and stepped in. November 2018 André Carvalho perfomed his last concert. He already had planned to leave the band for personal reasons. Ennio Alessandro was the person who step in and replace André. Ennio was already rehearsing with the band, so it was easier to fit in. In January 2019, Cris left the band for professional reasons. Ricardo Tito stepped up and took the chair of the power. We are promoting our most recent EP – Feed The Machine all over Portugal.

Style: Great and aggressive Hardcore.





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