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by Pescaito Jr

Country: Italy

Band: Ashes of my Memory

ashes of my memory 3Line up:
Sebastian Kuen – bass, vocals
Michael Berger – guitars, vocals
Felix Niedermair – guitars
Lukas Niederwolfsgruber – drums

ashes of my memory 2Album: Raptures /// Disillusions

Track list:
1. The Cycle
2. The Decline

Biography: Ashes of my Memory is a four-piece melodic death/progressive metal band hailing from South Tyrol, Italy. Founded in 2009 as a fun project – all members were 14 or 15 years old at the time of formation –, our approach became more and more serious over the years.

ashes of my memory 1Our self-made demo We are Ghosts was released in 2012. After a longer hiatus, we played a small number of shows in Italy and Austria with bands such as Dead Like Juliet, Kontrust or Devastating Enemy. Currently, all band members are studying in different Austrian cities (Innsbruck, Graz, and Vienna).

Since our reunion, we continued to work on new, more elaborate songs which generally try to expand the boundaries of Scandinavian-style melodic death metal by experimenting with song structures, atmospheric arrangements and musical dramaturgy. Even if our music somewhat mirrors the wide-spread listening habits of each member, our main influences are bands like Omnium Gatherum, The Ocean, Opeth, Mastodon, or Alcest.

Sound: A interesting italian new band. Progresive, Post Metal, Shoegaze, Melodic Death Metal, Avantgarde… brilliant.





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