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by Jordi Thander

Country: Germany

Band: Buried In A Womb

Buried In A Womb_logo.


Line up:
Glasersfeld – Everything



Buried In A Womb_prenatal-suicideAlbum: Prenatal Suicide
Release date: November 19th 2017

Track list:
01. The Poisoned Placenta
02. Spectrality of Inborn Neuroticism
03. Todesbewusstsein & Lebenstraum
04. Spring of Anhedonia
05. Before the Great Depersonalization
06. Vaginal Emesis to See the Light of the Day
07. Poem of a Dying Fetus
08. Into Mother´s Eyes


Buried In A Womb_fotoBiography: Buried In A Womb is a one-man-side project by the German musician Glasersfeld. He is also active in other Black Metal and Industrial projects with different pseudonyms. The music of Buried In A Womb is a mix of Melodic Black Metal, Blackened Crust and Death Metal tunes. The first riffs were written in 2015 and Glasersfeld entered the Garden Of Eden Studio in 2016 to record the first album “Prenatal Suicide”. The result is a short ambivalent record with 8 chaotically written Songs. Immature, confused and inconspicuous but true. It´s just a picture of the current inner situation of the musician Glasersfeld. “Prenatal Suicide” will be released on November 19th 2017 via the digital record label Sepulchral Silence.

Genre: Melodic Black Metal, Blackened Crust and Death Metal.





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