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by Vpower

Country: Italy – Sardinia

Band: Burning Ground

Burning Ground-logoLine up:
Maurizio Meloni – Vocals
Alessio Melis – Bass
Angelo Melis – Drums
Andrea Alvito – Guitars


BookletJEWELDBOX(4pagg)-xSito.cdrAlbum: Last Day Of Light. 2017

Track list:
1. Dark Ages (instrumental)
2. The Killing Hand
3. Darkened Desire
4. Facing The Shame
5. Before i See
6. The Burning Ground
7. Last Day Of Light
8. Dawn of Hope

Biography: Burning Ground is a Heavy Metal band from Sardinia (Italy) which is active since 2002 at underground level.

Burning Ground_fotoTheir music is characterized by various influences and genres including Classic Heavy, U.S. Power, Thrash and Doom Metal.

During the year 2017 Burning Ground has terminate to recording an eight-track CD called «Last Day of Light» released for the Minotauro Records label on july 14th in Europe and august 4th in America.

The lyrical issues comprise the relationship between mankind and nature, expressed for example by greed, carelessness and exploitation.

The mixing and mastering was edited by Death Island Studios (www.death-island.com) and a full layout artwork cover created by 3mmi (www.3mmi.org).

Style: Brilliant band, amazing songs, brilliant and adictive tunes, great riffs and classic style with great influences of Judas Priest, Metal Church, Black Sabbath, Sacred Oath, Shock Paris… etc.





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