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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: International (on that album Poland and Spain)

Band: Chaos Over Cosmos


Line up:
Rafal Bowman – guitars, synths, programming, composing
Javier Calderón – vocals, lyrics


Album: The Unknown Voyage

Track list:
1. Armour of the Stars
2. Dance of the Silver Blade
3. The Compass
4. Neon Nights
5. Sky

Biography: Project started by me (Rafal Bowman) about 2016, when I started to writing music for this album. After recording instrumental versions I have found on Youtube a Spanish singer Javier Calderón. He wrote lyrics and recorded vocals – we never met each other, everything is done online. We released The Unknown Voyage at September 2018, then at April 2019 we released a reissued version (many parts re-recorded, new mix, new artwork and two completly new song). It was the last release with Javier – he left the band at spring. The new singer is Josh Ratcliff from Australia, we released self-titled EP on July.

Genre: Mixed Power Metal and Progressive with very great tunes and atmosphere, great music with a lot of talent.




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