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by Jordi Thunder

Country: Sweden

Band: Cryoshock

cryoshock_logoLine up:
Oskar Johansson – Vocals & Bass
Lars Johansson – Guitars & Backing vocals
Martin Persson – Drums


Cryoshock_coverAlbum: Cryoshock. Released May 2017

Track list:
1. Worm Patrol
2. Incendiary
3. Feed Her to the Flames
4. A Congregation Infernal
5. Death Fumes

Biography: CRYOSHOCK is a 3-piece metal band from Karlshamn, a small town in the south-east of Sweden. We are a fairly new and still unsigned band, however consisting of experienced musicians who have been involved in several bands before, genres ranging from crust punk to thrash and black metal, and mainly operating in the obscure Swedish underground. Guitarist Lars and drummer Martin knew each other from playing in a band together years and years back, and had both been on a hiatus for some time when they met up at the Mörkaste Småland extreme metal festival of 2015. They got to talking about playing music, and Lars suggested to form a new band. Oskar was recruited to perform bass and vocal duties, and a rehearsal space was arranged at Musikforum in Karlshamn. From that day forward we have been working hard, rehearsing and composing music.

cryoshock_band_photo_1About a year after the start we entered Bloodshed Studios in the small village of Linneryd and recorded five tracks with the help of sound engineer Jimmy Lundqvist, who has made a name for himself as the guitar player and main song writer and general mastermind of Swedish death metal titans Entrails, and who also recorded material for, amongst others, General Surgery, Birdflesh, and of course his own Entrails in his studio.

We opted to edit, mix and master the recording ourselves. We also created some graphics, took a few photos, designed a layout etc. The whole package was then sent to GZ Media in the Czech Republic for pressing and printing, and 525 CD copies were made. Since most of these activities were completely new to us, it took a good while to complete everything, but in May 2017 a self-entitled mini-CD saw the light of day. This debute is mainly intended to be used as promotion, with the goal of landing a deal for a full-length album with a somewhat reputable record label in the near future.

When writing songs, we are drawing from a multitude of influences, creating a hard and heavy fusion of various metal genres, with a core consisting of thrashy death metal. Our musical philosophy is to write short and intense tracks with high impact and lots of energy, but also dynamic, varied and recognizable. But don’t take our word for it – go ahead and listen for Yourself!

Genre: Death/Thrash





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