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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: Canada

Band: Detainee

Detainee_logoLine up:
We are three nameless entities that have met and formed into what is now known as Detainee


Detainee 1Album: Slower Violence
Release date: February 1st, 2018

Track list:
1. Cold Walls
2. Homunculus
3. Drowned Rat
4. Total War
5. Feelings of Chronic Lethargy
6. At Their Mercy
7. Peshawar

Detainee_fotoBiography: Stemming from various backgrounds and countries. The three members have joined and met in Montreal, Canada where they decided to create minute long violence. Influenced from a variety of musical styles and bands, they have merged into a mash of darkened grind and doom. with nods of powerviolence, blackmetal and hardcore in the mix. Each member also brought along something from their home countries, let it be the sludgyness of New Orleans and the Violence of France.

Style: Very Interesting band. They Mixed Powerviolence, Doom, Grindcore Black and Sludge, raw and dirty stuff with Blast Beats and total distorsion


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