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by Andoni Bro

Country: France

Band: Electrik Shock

Line up:
Little Angus – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Volhard – Vocals
Dave Thunderfukk – Bass
MZX Warrior – Drums
Buk – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Album: Trapped in the City. 2019

Track List:
1 – Knife (in the Pocket)
2 – Snake Boots
3 – Trapped in the city
4 – One night Stand
5 – Motörbreaker
6 – Rock n Roll Overdose
7 – Sticky Lips
8 – Hard Night

Biography: After many shows around France, Belgium and Germany, sharing the stage with legendary acts such as Satan, Manilla Road, Tokyo Blade, Mindless Sinner or Jag Panzer, we have released this year our first full length album, “Trapped in the City”, through Grumpy Mood Records.

The songs of Electric Shock are hymns dedicated to rock’s ardor, influenced by bands like Bullet, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo and Judas Priest. The album is in the continuity of our previous releases (“Burn out”, 2016 and “Wild Bastards”, 2018) : a mass of high voltage Hard Rock, with a Heavy Metal aura and a hint of punk, catchy riffs, high pitched vocals, powerful choruses and raging guitars solos.

Produced in Grenoble, France, land of French Cult Heavy metal bands (Lonewolf, Nightmare), “Trapped in the City” adorn as a cover, a painting by our bassist, influenced by the legendary Maiden’s album Somewhere in Time, showing multiples references to the band’s history and rock n’ roll culture.

Style: Pure Hard Rock 80 era, Gold metal and Rock with great influencies: Judas Priest, Rose Tattoo, amazing songs.





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