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by Jordi Thunder

Country: Germany

Band: Gefrierbrand


Line up:
Tom – Vocals
Frosch – Guitar
Säsch – Guitar
Ingo – Bass
Yannick – Drums

Album: Es war einmal

Track list:
1. Prolog
2. Es war einmal
3. Die Boten des Todes
4. Der Graf von Gleichen
5. Wie Kinder Schlachtens miteinander gespielt haben
6. Totenhemdchen
7. Tief im Forst
8. Das letzte Haus (am Ende des Brotkrumenweges)
9. Grab aus Dornen
10. Das Schrättele
11. Rot

Biography: When previous albums “Zeitensturm” (2011) and “Weltenbrand” (2016) with their rather sociocritical songs about war, revolution and the illness called mankind were released; they were spread on big and small stages all across the European countries. Amongst others, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam and Budapest have been visited by Gefrierbrand.

Besides regular club shows, also festival gigs and support gigs for major established acts were played and the music and style consolidated more and more. After over 10 years of band history, Gefrierbrand now breaks new grounds.

While the nearby Black Forest is crawling with mystical and spooky creatures, there are fewer people to tell those old tales – so we step in.

Gefrierbrand turns a new leaf:
More melodic, braced and evil than ever before!

Alongside a new show, fresh and new riffs, Gefrierbrand tells you the story of «Es war einmal…» («once upon a time…»).

Genre: Death / Thrash





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