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by Hombre Rancio

Country: France

Band: Geisterfels



Line Up:
Nebel – Composition, lyrics
Aldébaran (Darkenhöld) – All instruments
Aharon (Griffon) – Vocals


Geisterfels_metal-boxAlbum: La névrose de la pierre. 2017

Track List: 
1. Les ruines du castel 
2. La sentinelle du Rhin 
3. Im Nebel 
4. Il neige sur l’Eltz 
5. Geisterfels 
6. Der Tod und die schwarze Gräfin 
7. La chapelle recousue 
8. Puis vint la chute

Biography: Nebel founded Geisterfels in 2013. Aldébaran (Darkenhöld) and Aharon (Griffon) joined she for this project.

Geisterfels builds its music around medieval themes with the will to perpetuate the sound of the 90s and the emotional sceneries conveyed by old school and atmospheric black metal. La névrose de la pierre is the tale of a trip, the one of a French poet who visited the Rhine and the Mosel valleys at the end of the nineteenth century. He was amazed by the many castles he found on his path. His poems thus make a parallel between the majestic ruins he’s seen and the sorrows leading one’s mind to collapse.

Style: Geisterfels is a very interesting band. Black Metal with atmospheric inspiration from bands such as Abigor, Satyricon or Gehenna. Very creative atmosphere mixed with old school Black Metal. Great riffs, agressive vocals, classic tunes… a very great album.





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