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by Natalia

Country: Germany

Band: Grendel’s Sÿster


Line up:
Caro – Vocals
Till – Drums
Tobi – Guitars, Bass

Album: Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz. Released October 1, 2019

Track list:
1. Agnicayana (Intro)
2. Vishnu’s Third Stride
3. Little Wildling Bird
4. Entoptic Petroglyphs
5. Winnowing the Chaff
6. Count and Nun
7. Indra’s Jewelled Net
8. Cairns
9. Agnicayana (Intro)
10. Vishnus Dritter Schritt
11. Wildvögelein
12. Entoptische Petroglyphen
13. Worfelschwung
14. Graf und Nonne
15. Indras Juwelennetz
16. Steinmännlein

October 2019: Myrtle Wreath/Myrtenkranz EP to be published on CD (vinyl: early 2020, Hoove Child Records).
2018: Orphic Gold Leaves / Orphische Goldblättchen EP
2017: For familial reasons, Kathi leaves the band. Caro replaces her.
2016: Night Sea Journey / Sayings of the High One 7″- raw ‘metal versions’ of two ballads.
2015: Sessions in the Hessian hinterland.

Genre: Epic Doom Metal with influencies of Nwobhm, similar to Atlantean Kodex and more bands. Excellent stuff.



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