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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: Brazil

Band: Isaurian

Line up:
Jorge Rabelo – Vocals / guitar
Hoanna Aragão – Vocals
Guilherme Tanner – Guitar
Vicente Jr – Bass
Roberto Tavares – Drums
Pedro Gabriel – Keyboards

Album: Chains of Blue

Track list:
1. Vanity Mirror
2. Pythoness
3. Dead Garden
4. Constant Glow
5. The Oceans
6. To The Shore
7. Reaching Hands
8. With Solace
9. Chains of Blue

Biography: Isaurian is a project that arose from the will of Jorge Rabelo, guitarist of brazilian underground act Optical Faze, to continue making music while his main band was in an indefinite hiatus.

The first step of this new journey is the EP ‘All the Darkness Looks Alive’, which embryo comes from ideas for a new Optical Faze album that never happened.

Joining the project were bassist Vicente Jr. and keyboardist Pedro Gabriel, long-time partners in Optical Faze, and drummer Guilherme Tanner (Galinha Preta).

In the first EP, Rhys Fülber (Fear Factory, Paradise Lost, Youth Code) helped producing from afar and mixed the record, which also has a remix by Justin K. Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh) for the song ‘Hologram’.

The result began to show the doom/shoegaze characteristics of the band, with sounds full of atmospheric melodies, heavy riffs and moments alternating softness and intensity.

Still in 2017, the band began the production of another EP. Recorded at Dissenso studio, in São Paulo, produced and mixed by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Caspian, Isis), ‘Dead Flower of Youth’ was released in June 2018 and features a more organic and atmospheric sound, with touches of post-rock, defining the identity of the band more clearly.

In 2019, the band saw addition of singer Hoanna Aragão and drummer Roberto Tavares, moving Guilherme to guitar duties. They recorded a full-length album with renowned producer Kevin Ratterman (Emma Ruth Rundle, Ray LaMontagne). The album was also mixed and mastered by Kevin and is set to be released on June 30th 2020. The record takes the band to new creative heights and shows them in their most complex, intense and layered state.

Genre: Gothic / Doom / Post Metal



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