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by Mr Old School

Country: USA

Band: Katholik


Line up:
Joel Barrera – Guitar
Andrew Courtright – Vocals
Mitchell Bauder – Drums
River Harris – Bass


Album: Fons Et Origo
Release date: March 13th, 2020

Track list:
1. The Chariot
2. An Axioms Ashes
3. The Emergence

Biography: Katholik is a Death Metal band from Northern California formed in 2019 by Joel Barrera – Guitar (Wastewalker, Tyrannocannon, Psychosomatic), Mitchell Bauder – Drums (Wurm Flesh), and Andrew Courtright – Vocals (Imbibed By The Quasar). A few months later, a setlist was created and River Harris – Bass (Zephira) joined to complete the band as a 4 piece.

Katholik is here to bring high intensity, brutally aggressive, and blackened technical death metal to the metal community. For fans of Aborted, Origin, Nile, Diskreet, Hideous Divinity, Hour Of Penance, Archspire, Cattle Decapitation and Necrophagist to name a few.

Genre: Death Metal




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