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by Hombre Rancio

Country: Belarus

Band: Khragkh


Line up:
XXIII – music, production
XVI.X – vocals, lyrics


Khragkh_coverAlbum: Ersatz. Released April 10, 2017

Track list:
1. SUPRACIŬ Z SAMIM SABOJ! (Resistance of Yourself!) – (04:06)
2. JADŁOVY BUKIET (Juniper Bouquet) – (05:30)
3. ŠLACH ANIHILACYI (The Path of Annihilation) – (03:51)
4. IMPIERYJA-DNO (Bottom Empire) – (04:40)
5. ISTOTY NATCHNIENNIA… (Creatures of Inspiration…) – (06:15)
6. ERSATZ – (04:50)
7. CROM. LECH. MAŃ. – KRUH. KAMIEŃ. ČALAVIEK. (Crom.lech.man.: Circle. Stone. Human.) – (05:08)

Biography: Band starts in 2013 by XXIII and XVI.X when releasing first demo record «The Path of Annihilation» in primitive and raw black metal style. Real activity band starts only in 2017.

KHRAGKH – sounds like «krah» and means «collapse, crush, wreckage» from belarussian language. The name of our first LP album «Ersatz» means «surrogate». In album conception it means defective substitude of ideas, systems… substitude of life.

Album contains 7 abstract stories connected with multifaced conception absorbed by deep symbolism about slavery, death, war, philosophy and ancient history, that was actual a long time ago and in present time. This stories may be interpreted from the side of personal human inner world, side of social or even present state systems.

Incertitude, spiritual weakness, stupidity, religion, goverment… Everything from that killing your mind and trying to make you slave (physically and morally).

«Ersatz» its exhortation to rebellion! «Ersatz» its manifest of spiritual and physical freedom.

Genre: Black Metal



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