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by Luna

Country: USA

Band: Kill Procedure

killprocedure-logoLine up:
Lou St. Paul – Vocals, Guitars
Kelly Conlon – Bass
Jeff Curenton – Drums


killprocedure-brinkdestruction-cover-kopieAlbum: Brink Of Destruction

Track list:
1. Hate Spilled Over
2. Trioxynon
3. Spells Death
4. Season Of Brutality
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Brink Of Destruction
7. Mask Of The Villain
8. Careful What You Wish For
9. Silence
10. Bone Head
11. All The Pain

kill-procedure-photoBiography: Featuring guitarist/vocalist Lou St. Paul (Winters Bane, Fires Of Babylon), KILL PROCEDURE is a band for any heavy metal fan who loves killer guitar riffs, memorable solos, and great songwriting. On such songs as “Trioxynon”, “Spells Death”, “All The Pain” and the crushing title track, KILL PROCEDURE’s sound brings to mind classic Megadeth (Rust In Peace/Countdown To Extinction), Testament, and Cacophony.

Recorded in1995, KILL PROCEDURE’s Brink Of Destruction album is finally seeing the light of day. Originally slated to be the follow up album to Winters Bane’s Heart Of A Killer (1993), the album was shelved as their label at the time thought that the material was too much of a departure musically and vocally from Heart Of A Killer.

The recording lineup for the Brink Of Destruction album was: Lou St. Paul (vocals/lead & rhythm guitars), Kenny Stadelman (bass), John Stevens (rhythm guitars), and Todd Bertollette (drums).

KILL PROCEDURE’s current lineup is Lou St. Paul (vocals/guitars), Kelly Conlon (bass; ex-Death/ex-Monstrosity), and Jeff Curenton (drums; Winters Bane, ex-Seven Witches).

Genre: Thrash/Heavy Metal.



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