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by Mr Old School

Country: Italy

Band: Krypta


Line up:
D. – Guitar/Bass
V. – Drums
E. – Growls


Krypta_in-torment_epAlbum: In Torment, self-released EP April 26, 2017.

Track list:
1. Cursed By Fear
2. In Torment
3. The Stench of Death
4. Doomed To Be
5. Eaten By Maggots



Krypta_photoBiography: Death Metal band KRYPTA spawned straight from the land of the dead in 2016 when D. started to write some violent riffs inspired by his favourite death metal bands.

In early 2017 his devotion to death metal concretized in something bigger, E. and V. joined the crypt.

Krypta self-released their first EP “In Torment” in April 2017, it summarizes passion for extreme and skull crushing metal music.

Genre: Death Metal.





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