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by Alba

Country: United States

Band: Low Octane


Line up:
Sebastian Bendix – Vocals / Guitars
Chris Punsalan – Vocals / Guitars
Bone Douglas – Drums
Doug Blazer – Bass


Album: Lord of Delusions (2019)

Track List:
1. Turn it down
2. Hurry Up and Wait
3. Live with a Lie
4 Last Daze of Babble-On


Biography: We are Low Octane. We are old. We love guitars. We appreciate the craft of songwriting. We play for the girl dancing upfront and for the guy that drinks in the back. We grew up with the music of the 20th century. We think great new music is still to come.

Genre: If the Cars loved Heavy Metal…
Live with a Lie
A blend of new wave melodies, metal tones and 90s angst.





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