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by Hombre Rancio

Country: United States

Band: Nan Elmoth


Line up:
Deathweaver – Guitar, Vocals
John Ross Foster – Drums
Asmodeus – Bass


NAC_4-Panel_Jcard_BACK_Template_forILLUSTRATORAlbum: Void Serpent, releases July 28, 2017

Track list:
1. Purification – (07:22)
2. Ravaged By War And Plague – (10:24)
3. Void Serpent – (07:06)
4. To Walk The Path… – (07:27)


Nan Elmoth_fotoBiography: Nan Elmoth has existed as a black metal force on the West Coast for going on six years, and in that time has unleashed a number of extreme-limitation splits and demos. This, their second full-length, is the ultimate realization of principle member Deathweaver’s dark vision.

Void Serpent’s four long-form black journeys seem to draw equally from modern American styles such as Wolves in the Throne Room and Weakling as they do traditional European sounds like Darkthrone and Windir. Hints of folk melodies buried in the otherwise aggressive compositions lend them a sense of awe.

We submit to you this excellent upcoming release by NAN ELMOTH.

Sure to be remembered as a staple of modern traditional black metal, Void Serpent is an emotive, darkly triumphant masterpiece shrouded in the haze of battle.

Recommended for listeners of Dispirit, Urfaust, Sinmara, Mgła, Aosoth, etc.

Our label, Pacific Threnodies is offering a limited edition of 100 pro-tapes in fully printed 5-panel j-cards, to be shipped at the end of this month. Pre-orders will include digital download and a custom incense blend.

Genre: Black Metal.





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