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by Dr X

Country: Sweden

Band: Neptune



Line up:
Roland Alexandersson – Vocals
Tosh Ason – Bass
Anders Olsson – Guitar
Anders Lindqvist – Guitar
Jonas Wikström – Drums



Album: The Last Flight of The Rafven
Release date: 190913

Track list:
1. I want you to know
2. Keep Us Alive
3. Dreamer
4. Where is the stranger

Biography: Back in the mid-1980s, Neptune was just a signature away from getting the long-awaited record deal. With all material recorded for an EP and a full-length album on its way, many believed that the band would become Sweden’s new big metal export. However, that never happened.

Because the band was so close to releasing both an EP and a full-length album, they decided to not release any demo tapes which was very popular marketing tool back then. However, parts of these recordings leaked online in the 2000s and thanks to them, some of these recordings were released in 2018. Late 2018, the band began recording their sequel but just a few weeks into the recording their singer Ray “Rafven” Alex suddenly passed away. The band decided to complete the recording and also carry out all booked gigs with a somewhat new line up. These last recordings will now be released by the band as a tribute to Ray as the EP The Last Flight of The Rafven.

Genre: Neptune is a band of the movement Nwoshm (New Wave of Swedish Heavy Metal). They are one of the most exciting bands of this movement and they are back with a great songs.





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