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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: Italy

Band: Orquìlux


Line up:
Nicholas Parente – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano, Cello & Violin, Irish Flute, Drums and Percussion, Celtic Instruments
Damiano Cerquito – Bass/Death
Francesco Laudato – Clean Vocals

Album: The Desire To Vanish Myself

Track list:
1. Prologue
2. A Strange Feeling
3. Through the Hallway
4. A Splendid Light
5. The Thought
6. Trying to Reach
7. Moving Light
8. The Roots of a Lost Meadow
9. The Bell Tower
10. The Mirror of Love, Happiness and Nostalgia
11. Embrace

Biography: Orquìlux is a duo band from Italy more specifically Abruzzo, Teramo, we combine emotional sound with folk, symphonic and metal, creating a «cinematic sound». We’ve been together for 3 years, we did different projects that’s never showed up, the first one was «Hiraeth» a progressive metal/rock band & the other one «Nortia» Progressive Sci-fi Metal. we wasn’t pleased with this two and after some time we decided to start again and name us «Orquìlux» an Atmospheric Black Metal band or as we prefer Cinematic Metal.

The Desire To Vanish Myself is based on a story of Sorrow, Love, Anger, Nolstagia and Happines. The theme is located in a ruin of a monastery.

The concept is talking about a man who want to reach a «strange» light but follow it, it’s a difficult challenge, in which he will have to fight his fears, re-live all his old memories… until he reach the light…and together vanish in the sky.

Genre: Complex Structure of the songs, great atmosphere, dark and beautiful, great musicians.





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