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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: Denmark

Band: Prefix Suffix


Line up:
Joakim Wölm – All Instruments, cover art, mixing and mastering



Album: Qualities Of Naught

Track list:
1. Alle Mænd Er Bøsser
2. Snailspace
3. Snakeman’s Dance
4. A Hanging
5. Til Mennesket [Kringsat Af Fjender]
6. Our Dying Giant

Biography: Prefix Suffix is a one-person noise and avantgarde metal project based in Fredericia, Denmark.

Their new album Qualities Of Naught tackles subjects such as the fluid nature of sexuality, religious mind control, and the Earth’s inevitable vengeance toward humanity. All instruments, vocals, noise and production are executed by the project’s only member. The entire album is even recorded on reel-to-reel tape and mixed analog.

Prefix Suffix often makes use of reinterpretations of older music pieces, known or obscure. For example, a black metal version of the Norwegian war-time song “Kringsatt av Fiender” is the second single.

On the album, there is also the GG Allin track “Snakeman’s Dance” and an extended version of “Snailspace”, both from The Limbless Animals Single, which have never been physically released in their studio versions.

In their live performances, the songs are played in a simplified manner by use of drum machine, bass, loops and effects pedals. This can be heard on their previous album Live in Studio: One Take in Spectacular Mono. Whereas on the forthcoming album, there is taken use of many other elements, such as glockenspiel, needles and circuit-bent toys.

The project has a wide array of inspirations. Fans of Swans, The Residents, Burzum, Laibach and Merzbow, can find qualities in the nothingness that is Prefix Suffix.

– Alle Mænd Er Bøsser (Theme: The fluid nature of sexuality)
– Snailspace (Theme: Mental illness)
– Snakeman’s Dance (Theme: GG Allin Cover – aggression and individuality)
– A Hanging (Theme: Swans cover – religious mind control, mental illness)
– Til Mennesket [Kringsat Af Fjender] (Theme: rewritten traditional song, misanthropy, suicide, environmentalism)
– Our Dying Giant (Theme: existentialism)

Genre: Avantgarde





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