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by Pescaíto Jr

Country: Greece

Band: Rusty Bonez


Line up:
Nondas Emmanouil – vocals  
Kostas Karapetsas – guitar 
Jojos Silivridis – bass
Alexandros Varsanis – drums


rusty bonez 1Album: Wrath, released November 3, 2017

Track list:
1. Ball n’ Chain (02:53)
2. Wrath  (03:25)
3. Broken Mold  (02:53)
4. Scream of Souls  (04:50)
5. King of the Road  (03:30)
6. Nameless Hero  (05:04)
7. Goldman Shagged  (03:16)
8. Stoned Skin  (05:28)
9. Burn the Sun  (03:52)
10. Grub  (04:16)

rusty bonez 2Biography: Exploding out of the massively popular Greek Stoner Metal scene, newcomers RUSTY BONEZ are definitely one of the scenes most promising acts yet. In their own words:

«Throughout many years of friendship, and a quite long joint course in music, 2015 is the year we decided to start a new band! With influences from our favorite rock sounds of America, we created RUSTY BONEZ! So… get ready for rusty riffs and hard boned rhythm!»

Rusty Bonez’s heavy rock sound embodies the flair and strentgh of Greece’s Rock and metal scene combining elements from the wide array of influences of each of its members. The common love and admiration for Motorhead, the timeless American heavy southern sound of Corrosion of Comfonmity and the raw power of the scene’s pioneers Kyuss, entwined with gritty vocals which flirt with the 90’s grundge rock movement is what gives the band Rusty Bonez their musical identity and sound, which is imprnted with love and dedication in their debut album «Wrath».

Style: Great Band, old stuff, atmospheric sound, great fuzz and raw and melodic sounds.






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