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by Natalia

Country: Luxembourg

Band: ShadoWhisperS

Line up:
Diane Frisch – vocals
Laurent Schleck – keyboards
Jean-Claude Sonnen – guitars
Piquet Jung – bass
Tom Speller – drums

Album: Mara
Release date: October 19th 2019

Track list:
1. First Shadows
2. Guardians of the Threshold
3. Monster
4. Dishonour
5. Mara
6. Distant Lovers
7. Poisonous Lips
8. Ghost Inside
9. The Reign
10. Fleeing from Reality
11. The Last Whisper
12. Slow Death (Bonus track)

Biography: ShadoWhisperS was formed in 2009 and after a lot of line-up changes, some recorded demo tracks in their rehearsal room, released their first oficial EP in January 2017. Their first video-clip to the song «Slow Death» was released in Mai 2017 (2nd place of the Viewer‘s Choice awards at the Video Clip Awards Luxembourg 2017). In 2018, ShadoWhisperS were on 2 Samplers: Imperative Musiac Compilation Vol 14 and Finest Noise – Der Luxemburg sampler). ShadoWhisperS recorded a new album from 2018 until 2019. The album was released on October 19th 2019.

Genre: They have everything: Great vocals, a nice atmosphere, feeling and a great work of Symphonic Metal with great guitars, a great job.





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