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by Pescaíto Thrasher

Country: France

Band: Superscream

Superscream_logoLine up:
Eric Pariche – vocals
Phil Vermont – guitars
Daniel Sminiac – guitars
Stéphane Lescarbotte – bass
Martin Mabire – drums


Superscream-the engine criesAlbum: The Engine Cries
Release date: May 5th, 2017

Track list:
1. Cubozoas’ Gossips
2. Evil Cream
3. The Engine Cries (Superscreamrise)
4. Pandora
5. Velvet Cigarette
6. Your Necklace Of Bites
7. Ways Out
8. Where’s My Mom?
9. Metal Builders
10. Insane God

Biography: Since its creation in Rouen in 2010, Superscream has affirmed itself as a synthesis of its legendary inspirations (Dream Theater, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin, Pain Of Salvation, Rammstein, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine among others).

In the sprit of this alchemistic pursuit, the group stands out and refuses itself nothing, always curious to explore the infinite diversity that music offers us.

It is in this way the need for ethnic elements emerged; Jazz, percussion of all kinds…Their concept alternates in all virtuosity between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock, with surprising, even experimental passages…But attention… A big sound! Unstoppable melodies and asymmetrical measures are always forthcoming.

Spurred by the success of their first album “Some Strange Heavy Sound,” this progressive French Metal quintet returns with a concept even more straightforward…introducing their new, hot off the press creation: The Engine Cries!

Now signed with Send The Wood Music (Season Of Mist Distribution / The Orchard), Superscream, with its effectiveness, seems determined to make liars of the detractors of the genre.

It is through this particularly polished production that we serve you 10 pieces of this delicious work. We are musically convinced: if you taste it… you’ll appreciate it to the last bite!

Superscream_fotoSuperscream was already in incubation since 2007, following the meeting of Phil Vermont and Eric Pariche. The scope of the two worlds of these two is vast, with one performing as a guitarist in genres such as Rock / Jazz / Variété (La Familia, Vent d’Ouest, Compagnie Trabucco…), and one being both an operatic lyric tenor and Hard Rock and Metal Progressive Singer (Darjeeling, Tribute AC/DC…).

At its release in 2011 under Brennus Music, the first album of the group was distinguished by the specialized press and other media. Superscream brought it to the stage of a national scale, playing festivals, showcases, and podiums (notably beside prestigious groups such as Pretty Maids, The Answer, Napalm Death, Zuul Fx and Atlantis Chronicles).

Between concerts and interviews, the group found the time to create the music video for one of its title tracks: “Metal Sickness,” that received the prize for best music video at the “Festival du Film d’Horreur et du Fantastique” in 2011. It can still be found on the net.

Following the recording and on-stage promotion of this disc by these celebrated musicians, the group changed the line-up in 2012 to include a second guitarist, Daniel Sminiac, who replaced the keyboards of Romain Greffe. Drummer Martin Mabire also succeeded Damien Train and Alexis Damien (ex Carnival in Coal / Wormfood). Stephane Lescarbotte takes care of the bass part since the band’s stage debut.

Superscream recorded their second album « The Engine Cries » in 2015, with a scheduled release in May of 2017. You will soon be able to enjoy the new music video of the title song …

The Screamers are also preparing their future live DVD. The show presented by the group brings a new dimension to their music, thanks to a new concept realized through a meaningful stage production (lights, accessories, costumes), full of things to see and hear…

Genre: Progressive Metal with various influences.






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