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by Mr Old School

Country: Czechia

Band: Symbtomy


Duzl – Bass
David “Dejvy” Krédl – Guitars
Martin Halma – Vocals


Album: Demo #1

Track List:
1. The Sounds of Perverse Thoughts 
2. The Taste of Human Trophy 
3. …and the Knife Cut Surgically


Biography: New band from Czechia! old school death metal” band SYMBTOMY from Czech Republic / United Kingdom and we are justo about to release first recording Demo one with three songs and three vocal guest: Johnny Pettersson from Wombbath, Johan Janson from Interment and Ralf Hauber from Revel in Flesh.

Style: Great and strong Death Old School Metal with aggressive riffs and raw vocals, classic stuff and a lot of energy with clean solos. Great debut.





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